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Type NPC
Location The North Star Seapost

Yura was a clerk at The North Star Seapost. After the Anniversary Update, a new clerk named Sudds appeared in her place.

Ever since she was a baby, Yura has harboured a deep-seated aversion to sharks. She uses a song, a "anti-shark charm" taught to her by her friend Madame Olwen, to keep the nasty, bitey sharks away.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Did you see any sharks when you stepped aboard? They’re always around, waiting for me to fall in! Oh, I’m Yura. Welcome to The North Star Seapost!

You don’t like sharks?

I don’t even like saying the WORD ‘shark’!
I’ve always hated them since I was a baby and my dad dropped me in the bay.
And since that lunatic Merrick stirred up the giant ones…
I just don’t go anywhere without my anti-shark charm.

What’s an anti-shark charm?

My dear friend Olwen from the Order of Souls gave me a spell to keep sharks at bay!
I’d never have been able to open my shop, otherwise.
“Nasty shark, long and bitey, stay away all day and nighty!”
“Full of teeth and black of eyes, go bite someone your own size!”
It sounds silly, but it works. I haven’t been eaten by a shark even once.
You don’t think she was just trying to make me feel safer?

Got any good deals today?

Oh yes, take a look!
The North Star Seapost is your true guide when you’re lost at sea, just like the North Star itself.
So please, do come again and keep me company.
But I don’t want to know about it if you have a ghastly shark figurehead…

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yura may be a play on Yuria, a major character in Fist of the North Star.
  • According to Design Director Mike Chapman, Yura was eaten by a shark and decided to retire from the seapost.[1]

References[edit | edit source]