Wood Crate

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Wood Crate
Wood Crate.png
Type Resource Crate
Company Merchant Alliance
Related Wooden Planks
Commissioned Reward

The Wood Crate is a Resource Crate for Wooden Planks in Sea of Thieves.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Wood Crate is a portable Resource Crate that can hold up to 50 Wooden Planks. Planks can be put into and taken out of the Crate. When filled with 50 Planks, the Crate can be sold to any Merchant Alliance Trading Company Representative on Outposts for Gold and Reputation. The reward for the Crate is higher if Commissioned in a Trade Good Commission.

Trade Good Commissions for Wood Crates have a very rare chance to be found from Messages in a Bottle on Shorelines and Skeleton Ships, Mysterious Journals on Islands and Tattered Parchments inside Barrels.

Where to Find[edit | edit source]

Wood Crates can be found:

Reward[edit | edit source]

Wood Crates can only be sold full. There are two variable Reward ranges for a Wood Crate: Commissioned and Uncommissioned. An uncommissioned full Wood Crate can be sold to Merchant Alliance Representatives for 600-1100 Gold and Reputation. When Commissioned via a Trade Good Ledger Quest, delivering the Crate to the Outpost will reward Crews with 1200-1900 Gold and Reputation.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Wood Crate can be placed anywhere on the Ship to save the Crew a trip to the Wood Barrels. This Crate can also help Crews save Wooden Planks from sinking with their ship.
  • Currently, it does not matter, which Outpost a Trade Good Ledger Quest is directed to. Players will get the Commissioned Reward and Commendation count from any Outpost turn-in.
  • Wood Crate Trade Good Commissions are very rare, making the Merchant Shipwright Title and Commendation very prestigious.

Related Commendations[edit | edit source]

  • Merchant ShipwrightDeliver 50 Wood Crates on schedule