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AncientSpireOutpost WeaponsmithShop Wilma.png
Type NPC
Location Ancient Spire Outpost

Wilma is the Weaponsmith at Ancient Spire Outpost. Wilma takes her craft very seriously, and is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Greetings, welcome to Wilma's Weapon Crafting! What type of arm are you seeking?

Must be hard to make weapons, where would I even begin?

The process of forging a weapon begins in the furnace.
The metal block is taken out of the fire, then scored and folded.
Often folded in both directions to produce the desired grain pattern.
The process is repeated traversely and longitudinally.
If there is too much diffusion, it becomes homogenous.
It's very interesting. Come back and we'll start with a study of the furnace.

What goes into making a Cutlass?

There are many kinds of criteria considered in crafting a cutlass.
REMEMBER! Hardness, strength, flexibility, and balance.
It has to be strong enough to hold an edge along its length.
It must be flexible enough to absorb shocks.
It must be balanced so that it can be wielded effectively.
But, you must start with the right materials and that takes time.

How do you make a flintlock?

Please remember that flintlock is a general term for a weapon that uses a flint striking mechanism.
REMEMBER! Flint, cock, pan, frizzen and spring.
The terms may also apply to older weapons that use matchlock and wheellock mechanisms.
The true flintlock has been in use many years.
I can give you a full rundown of flintlock mechanisms when you have several hours.
We'll start with the snaplock, then the snapchance, then my favourite the miguelet, then doglock, then maybe the flintlock.