Wild Henry

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Wild Henry
CrooksHollow WildHenry.png
Type NPC
Location Crook's Hollow

Wild Henry is a trader on Crook's Hollow, a possible target for Cargo Run voyages, and stands on the only dock on the island. Henry seems to share quite a bit in common with maybe a dog, as he has a fascination with bones (even once ate one) and claims to have spread fleas.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

WILD HENRY they call me! I ate a bone once and it hurt my mouth but I forgave it! I like watching fire! WAAAGH!

Okay... easy there, Henry.

Sorry, I can be a bit MUCH!
I've been told to stay out here where I can't gnaw anyone!
Or give them fleas again.

What's there to do on this island?

It's great fun!
We can make a fire and then watch the fire! Can't wait to see what happens on the next one!
We can collect bones but DON'T EAT THEM THOUGH! HAHA!

I think I know why they call you 'Wild Henry'...

Well, it's OBVIOUS isn't it?!
My Dad was called Henry too!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Henry says that he was told to stay on Crook's Hollow, but it's unclear by whom.
  • Henry's reference to starting a fire to watch may be a reference to the beacon found on the island, added with the Festival of the Damned event.
  • Henry was added in the Forsaken Shores update.