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PlunderOutpost WeaponsmithShop Whitney.png
Type NPC
Location Plunder Outpost

Whitney is the Weaponsmith at Plunder Outpost.

Whitney is a lighthearted weaponsmith who genuinely enjoys her work, though by her own admission she doesn't craft all of her stock. She claims to be best friends with Winnie at Dagger Tooth Outpost and crafted her eyepatch as a symbol of their friendship.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Hiya! Welcome to Whitney's! Come and see some the fancy ones I've made!

You seem friendly, why are you so happy?

I made the big eye gun! All by myself with my own tools.
Not the really easy wood one, the really really fancy one!
I cracked the eye a little, but it still makes a loud pop and fires straight.
Its really hard you know, not just anyone can do it.

Is this a nice place to work?

Oh, is it ever? I get to make nice things in the fire and use my own shiny tools.
I pretend it's that old bony flamechest when I hit the metal with my little hammer.
It gets so hot in there though when the fire gets really angry.
So I pretend I'm under the stairs on a ship, having a fun adventure.

Do you make all the weapons?

Hmm, well I make some of them. I do, really!
Do you know a lady called Winnie? At the Outpost with the nasty rocks?
She's really quick at making the tricky ones, so she helps me sometimes.
I made her eyepatch! I put two dots on it, because it's me and her. We're best friends!
Tell her we spoke! Tell her hello from me. Please!