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SanctuaryOutpost WeaponsmithShop Wendy.png
Type NPC
Location Sanctuary Outpost

Wendy is the Weaponsmith at Sanctuary Outpost.

Wendy is full of flattery for every pirate that walks into her shop.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Hey, I'm Wendy. You look on top of the world. What a treat to have you here!

How are you, today?

Oh, just so wonderful, especially now you've walked in.
I must say, it's an immense pleasure to serve someone like yourself!
Such a dignified air about you. Someone of clear importance. But all so graceful with it as well!
Almost regal. Oh, I'm so lucky if you are who I think!

Do you enjoy working in the Shores of Plenty?

Now, you might not believe this.
But working here is an overwhelming privilege.
Getting the opportunity to meet someone of your stature. I almost feel part of your adventures.
Oh look, I'm almost getting emotional!

Anything advice or recommendations?

Oh you're already perfect and know more than me, I'm sure.
Whoever gives you style advice should be applauded.
You cut a fine figure, and don't need little old me to tell you otherwise.
You just keep doing what you're already doing, you legend!