Water Barrel

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Water Barrel
Water Barrel.png
Type Stationary Item
Location Ships

Water Barrels are Stationary Items found on every Ship used for collecting water into Buckets in Sea of Thieves. Water Barrels are useful for dealing with any Fires.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Each Ship has a single Water Barrel on the Bottom Deck (Mid on Galleon). Water Barrels have a lever and tube system allowing Players to pump Water inside them from the Seas. Every Water Barrel is filled by default. Each Water Barrel can hold up to 3 Bucket's worth of Water, with any water taken from the Barrel needing to be pumped back in. When a Water Barrel is full, any additional pumping won't overfill the Barrel, meaning that players do not need to worry about spilling water in their Decks. Water Barrels don't fill up with the Ship, nor can Water be thrown into them from Buckets.