Wanda’s Hideout

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Wanda’s Hideout
Wandas Workshop.jpg
Map Coordinates F-12

Wanda's Hideout (also known as Wanda's Alchemy Lab) is a hidden area located on Wanderers Refuge introduced with the Cursed Sails Content Update.

Entrance[edit | edit source]

Anchor your ship on the western side of Wanderers Refuge, preferably at the middle of the island where a small river goes through the island in a big tunnel. Once there you will find a small opening, you can find this by looking for the camp fire near the entrance.

Interior[edit | edit source]

Once inside the entrance, players will navigate through a long tunnel until they enter the hideout itself. The hideout is where Wanda created the Cursed Cannonballs and features many tools, alchemy sets and targets. There is also several interact able items inside related to the cursed sails campaign.

Journal[edit | edit source]

There is one journal found in Wanda's Hideout.

Dialogue icon.png

This appears to be a journal

Read an early entry...

At my master's behest, I have worked hard to hide my rage... to turn it into a cold fury, burning inside, while my demeanour remains calm.
It is... difficult. The mask helps.
All that matters is that I am still able to serve him. I love him so fiercely... it is all that sustained me after my defeat.
Captain Flameheart. A voice in my head, a fire in my heart. Not long now, my love.

Read a later entry...

I rescued the fool Stitcher Jim from The Devil's Roar. His mind has been torn apart by the Box of Wondrous Secrets.
He was so glad to be rescued that he seems to be falling in love with me.
He does not care that I am not his kind. He only sees the good I did for him.
But Flameheart is my love, my master. For him, I shall pull Jim's string. The old wretch is just a means to an end.

Read a recent entry...

Flameheart returns! The Dark Relic rituals, manipulating the local pirates, securing the 'vessel' for the Ashen Lords... it all worked!
Soon he shall be strong enough to take over this place - and I have been promised a place at his side, as his queen!
I feel the rage rising again and I will be glad to let it roar. The need for masks will soon be gone.
Hail Flameheart!

Cursed Sails Campaign[edit | edit source]

Wanda's Hideout features in part 7 of the Cursed Sails Campaign. Walk on in and discover Wanda’s Hideout. In here you will need to interact with five objects. These are:

Once investigating these five items, you will be instructed to return to Sharon on Golden Sands Outpost.

Future[edit | edit source]

Wandas Hideout features a blocked off area that will likely be introduced in a future update or tall tale. Several players have glitched inside of the area, finding more flameheart symbols and a tunnel leading to a large, heart shaped crack in the wall surrounded by many lit candles. There is speculation that this wall will serve as a portal for the return of Captain Flameheart.