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A Voyage is a larger string of Quests that players can choose to embark upon in Sea of Thieves. They provide over-arching motivations to players over longer periods of gameplay.

Voyages are purchased from any of the 4 Companies. There are 4 kinds of Voyages, one for each Company: Gold Hoarders Voyage, Order of Souls Voyage, Merchant Alliance Voyage, and Athena's Fortune Trading Company Voyage. Each Voyage contains one or more Maps, and may come in 1-4 chapters. New chapters begin when all of the Maps in the previous Voyage have been completed.

Types of Voyages[edit | edit source]

Voyages can be purchased from Trading Companies for a small sum of Gold. The higher the promotion of the pirate who purchased the voyage, the higher the voyage price, danger, and treasures.

  • Gold Hoarders Voyages provide X-Marks-the-Spot Maps and Riddle Maps, in the pursuit of Treasure Chests.
  • Order of Souls Voyages provide Skeleton Bounties, in pursuit of Bounty Skulls.
  • Merchant Alliance Voyages provide Trade Good Ledgers. There is only one ledger per Merchant Alliance Voyage. Animals and Gunpowder Barrels can be requested in this ledger. Only single Supply Crates are ever requested, and only from Maps provided from Messages in Bottles and certain Journals.
  • The Pirate Lord of the Athena's Fortune Trading Company provides Athena's Fortune Voyages, which have two chapters. The first chapter provides 2 X-Marks-the-Spot Maps with 4 Chests each, 2 Riddle Maps with 4 clues each, 2 Skeleton Bounties with 4 Skeleton Captains each, and 2 Trade Good Ledgers with a total of 4 Animals and Gunpowder Barrels requested each. The second chapter provides one X-Marks-the-Spot Map with one X, which is always a Chest of Legends. Cages are still obtained from any merchant, as usual.

General Voyages Types[edit | edit source]

Faction Voyages[edit | edit source]

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