Villainous Hoard of Souls

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Villainous Hoard of Souls
Villainous Hoard of Souls.png
Type Mercenary Voyage
Event Festival of Giving
Source Calendar of Giving
Duration 15 December 2019

Villanous Hoard of Souls Voyage is a Mercenary Voyage in Sea of Thieves. The Voyage was given out as a part of the Calendar of Giving Advent Calendar on December 15, 2019.

The Voyage[edit | edit source]

The Villanous Hoard of Souls is a Bounty Voyage that gives 3 Bounty Voyages with 3 Skeleton Captains each.

Chapter[edit | edit source]

The voyage gives you 3 bounties, each with one Skeleton Captain. When killed, all 3 Captains drop one Villainous Bounty Skull and a Skeleton's Orders. The Orders give the Crew 3 Collector's Chests with 3 Villainous Bounty Skull in each chest.

Description[edit | edit source]

"Take on various deadly skeletons to earn a great bounty from the Order of Souls"