Uncharted Island (I-12)

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Uncharted Island (I-12 & J-12)
I12 1.png
Type Island
Location I-12 & J-12

Description[edit | edit source]

The two unnnamed islands at map coordinates I-12 & J-12 are mysterious in that they, along with islands K-9 and N-13 neither have names nor appear on any illustrated in-game maps. I-12 & J-12 have been named by some players as Killer Whale Island, as during The Hungering Deep events, players were tasked with discovering the remains of The Killer Whale, Merrick's crashed ship, at these islands, and the crow's nest contains one of Merrick's Journals.

The islands possess a number of non-interactive features, including; an underwater cave which leads from J-12's beach out to Northern coral reefs, a broken tent hinting at a previous inhabitant, and underwater temple ruins with archways and shrines.

Gallery[edit | edit source]