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SanctuaryOutpost EquipmentShop Tyler.png
Location Sanctuary Outpost

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tyler is shopkeeper at the equipment shop on Sanctuary Outpost. Tyler has a terrible memory, but tries not to show by recalling events that may or may not have happened with different people and places. His memory seems to be askew for locations as well as names, though he does recall Senior Trader Mildred by name.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Tyler here, don't I...er, know you? Yes, of course I do, never forget a face.
    • Have we met before then?
      • Sure have! You were in here a while ago.
      • You and that err...Bob fellow...wasn't it?
      • Yeah, Bob. He was telling me about that cunning plan you two were working on.
      • Something about a special chest and the Gold Hoarders, wasn't it?
    • Anything good in stock?
      • You bet!
      • Your friend sold me one of those things you invented together.
      • You know, the thing that opens any door, like you did under the water near Wanderer's Refuge.
      • It's around here, I'm sure it is...
      • Er, sorry... I must have put it down in the outpost somewhere.
    • Have you travelled much across these islands?
      • Yes, from Smuggler's Reach to Mermaids Booty!
      • That reminds me, I came across your crewmate Maria, all the way out on Chicken's Ridge.
      • Said she was waiting for you to bring her the smuggled cargo, the one you got from that trader Senior Trader Mildred.
      • I forgot to tell you, not like me at all!