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Treasure Map
Treasure Map.png
Type Maps

A Treasure Hunt is a type of Voyage issued by the Gold Hoarders.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The crew is given a map of an island marked with Xs indicating the location of buried chests. The name and location of the island is not indicated, and must be determined by comparing its shape to the islands shown on the chart. Once on the island, pirates must discern the environment depicted on the map to find the location of the chest.

Discovering the Chest[edit | edit source]

Pirates can use their shovel to unearth the chest, which requires multiple digs to unearth. A band of skeletons may spawn around the chest, and must be neutralized to continue digging without interruption.

Accessibility Settings[edit | edit source]

If the markings are hard to see, there is a menu option to change their color to a high contrast.