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Companies are factions in Sea of Thieves that give out voyages to players.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Voyages are a collection of quests and maps that can be purchased from the Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance and Athena's Fortune. When a pirate turns in items to the appropriate trading company, they will be rewarded with gold and reputation. At certain ranks, pirates can purchase promotions for better voyages, and upgrade company exclusive items.

List of Companies[edit | edit source]

  • Gold Hoarders: A gold-loving, greedy company with the interest of amassing great hoards of Gold. They buy Treasure Chests and Trinkets. A high rank with the hoarders unlocks a golden compass, shovel, and royal sovereign Items and Clothing.
  • Order of Souls: A mystical company that desires control over the magical forces of the Sea of Thieves. They request pirates hunt and kill Skeleton Captains, and bring their Skulls back for reward. A high rank with the order unlocks Rogue Sea Dog Items and Clothing.
  • Merchant Alliance: An efficient, meticulous company that seeks to control trade in the ocean. They request certain pieces of Cargo and Creatures be delivered to a certain Outpost, Seapost, or Island Dweller by a certain time. A high rank with the alliance unlocks Admiral Items and Clothing.
  • Athena's Fortune - A secret company which can only be unlocked by hitting level 50 in 3 companies (Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance, Sea Dogs or The Hunter's Call). They request 2 maps from every kind, with a Chest of Legends at the end. A high rank with the company unlocks Ghost Items and Clothing.
  • Bilge Rats - A sneaky, adventurous company that follows rumors and whispers in search of the next big adventure. To stay in the know as to what is changing in the Sea of Thieves, visit the Duke the Bilge Rat at your nearest tavern to learn of new adventures to embark on. Bilge Rats give details on the latest changes and seasonal events in the game.
  • Sea Dogs - A company that organizes The Arena, where players can battle each other.
  • The Hunter's Call - This ragtag band boasts experts in hunting, fishing and cooking and would like all pirates to master the same skills.