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GoldenSandsOutpost EquipmentShop Tom.png
Location Golden Sands Outpost

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tom the shopkeep at the Equipment Shop on Golden Sands Outpost. Tom is a showman, even claiming to have swam from Sanctuary Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Hello! Why not let old Tom here show you his verrrrry FINEST!
    • What's so special about your stock, Tom?
      • Well, well, well, get reaaaaady for INCREDIBLE craftsmanship!
      • Items of truuuuue WONDER!
      • Items of spectaaaaacular QUALITY!
      • All forrrrr YOU!
    • What unique trinkets do you have then?
      • Don't let your eyes deceive you! No, no!
      • Don't risk a poor imitation elsewhere!
      • Everything I sell is quality approved by yours truly!
      • Only at Tommmmm's TRINKET STORE!
    • What brings you to this Outpost?
      • My arms and hands! I swam all the way here from Sanctuary Outpost!
      • I'd even swim across the Wilds to bring you mu amaaaaazing DEALS!