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AncientSpireOutpost EquipmentShop Tim.png
Location Ancient Spire Outpost

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tim is the shopkeep at the equipment shop at Ancient Spire Outpost. Tim seems burdened by his life as a shopkeep and longs to get away from all of it.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Yes, I'm Tim. Oh, what do you want?
    • How are you today?
      • It's just non stop toil...
      • Every...single...day.
      • The same never-ending grind...
      • Oh, just pretend I'm not here.
    • What items would you recommend?
      • Oh, just whatever you want. You choose...
      • Does it matter? I'm just a shopkeeper, only a façade to you...
      • Take what you want and leave the coins on the counter, I need to get out and breathe in the sea air.
    • Have you worked at Ancient Spire Outpost long?
      • Trapped. Just so trapped.
      • Got to find the energy to walk away, to retire and be free!
      • I'll buy a parrot and it'll do the talking for me, so I can finally relax and set my mind free.
      • Oh, not long now, I hope!