The Shroudbreaker (Quest)

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This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Read at your own risk!
The Shroudbreaker
The Shroudbreaker quest.png
Issuer Mysterious Stranger
Story arc Shores of Gold
Part 1/9
Tale chronology
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The Cursed Rogue

“A Mysterious Stranger speaks of an ancient relic with the power to reach a lost island...”

The Shroudbreaker is the first Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold arc. Pirates have heard of the legend of the Shores of Gold and approach the Mysterious Stranger for a passage.

The Tale can be voted for on the Table next to the Mysterious Stranger in any Tavern.


Opening[edit | edit source]

Voiceover icon.png


One moment. You'd do well to heed my warning, for this is no ordinary voyage you're contemplating!
Few pirates have even heard of the Shores of Gold, let alone seen them with their own eyes.
They say it's an island riddled with untold riches, ancient secrets, hidden tombs, and deadly traps.
But you won't find it on any map, for it was swallowed up by the mists of the Devil's Shroud.
This book is the journal of the Pirate Lord himself.
It tells of his first ship, the Magpie's Wing and the journey he took to find the mythical Shroudbreaker-
The only way to part the fog and reach the Shores of Gold!
If you dare to follow in the footsteps of the greatest pirate who ever lived, then take the journal and use it to find the wreck of the Magpie's Wing.
It holds clues to the Shroudbreaker's whereabouts.
Bring it to me, and I'll set you on your way to the Shores of Gold.
But don't be fooled. Only the bravest, strongest pirates will be able to make it back alive…
I wish you luck. You're going to need it.
Heh heh heh...

The journal details the Pirate Lord's quest for a Shroudbreaker. The Magpie's Wing was defeated by the Burning Blade at an Uncharted Islet between The Crooked Masts and Crook's Hollow, its shipwreck would contain the ship log that describes where the Ancient Chest containing the clues was dropped off.

On the Path of a Legend[edit | edit source]

The ship log records a voyage across the Ancient Isles, making entries upon reaching ambiguously named islands along the path, including which Island's waters the chest was dropped in. The chest contains a random Animal Vault Totem and two clues: a map indicating the location of the Vault for the Animal Totem, a page of the Vault's pillar-puzzle solutions.

Moon Totem (Crescent Isle)


Scarab Totem (Crook's Hollow)

The cave scarab hides near the island's tears?

Snake Totem (Mermaid's Hideaway)


Shark Totem (Kraken's Fall)

The shark waits beneath the great stone spine?

Beyond the drowned tunnel the crab protects his lair?

Boar Totem (Devil's Ridge)


The Vault has a hidden underground entrance that is unlocked by inserting the Animal Totem into the nearby key slot. The Vault has two puzzles: one pillar-puzzle and then three O-marks-the-spots around the island. The spots contain Vault Medallions that will collectively unlock the Vault.

The Grand Adventure Begins[edit | edit source]

Submit The Shroudbreaker to the Mysterious Stranger to finish.

Voiceover icon.png


Great Ramsey's Ghost! I heard all the stories, but to actually hold the Shroudbreaker in my hands… I never thought I would see the day.
Something's wrong...
There should be four jewels set in the base that grant the Shroudbreaker its power, but they've been removed.
Without them, you won't last five minutes in that fog.
Now let me think...I did hear tell that Captain Briggsy made it to the Shores of Gold.
If that's true, she might know the whereabouts of these missing stones. Not that she'd ever say.
Sometimes, even the best pirates fall victim to their greed or hatred, and it changes them.
Strips the flesh from their bones. Gives 'em power, but twisted 'em up inside. Briggsy is one such abomination.
People call them Skeleton Lords and most pirates flee at their approach.
Not even the Order of Souls dares challenge them, and rightfully so, but you… you are going to have to hunt one down.
I have eyes and ears across the Sea of Thieves, if you gather any of the missing pieces, I'll see they're restored to the Shroudbreaker on your behalf.
For now, head to Plunder Outpost and speak with Madame Olivia about Briggsy's whereabouts.
Remember, Skeleton Lords are NOT to be taken lightly.

Mercia's Journals[edit | edit source]

What is the Devil's Shroud?[edit | edit source]

(Uncharted Island (N-13))

Dialogue icon.png

Finally, a balmy day, and a chance to document my research before it all spills out of my head and overboard.
Ramsey has been thinking again, and that usually means I'm the one due for a headache. He called for me late last night...
"Mercia. How might we stay safe in the Devil's Shroud?" I just stared at him. We all know how dangerous that fog is.
It surrounds the Sea of Thieves, but it ebbs and flows. Sometime sit swallows whole islands for months or even years at a time.
Sail into that mist, and you'll start to choke. The deck beneath your feet will splinter. The Shroud feasts on ships and sailors alike.
Being me of course, I told Ramsey I'd find a way. I've left my notes tucked away at Ancient Spire. I'll see what I can learn...

Mercia Journal 01.png

An Ancient Clue?[edit | edit source]

(Second peak, Ancient Spire Outpost)

Dialogue icon.png

Did you ever walk into a room thinking about something so hard, you couldn't see it right in front of you? The truth is like that, sometimes.
While filling my tankard below deck, I happened to glance down at the map table. Ancient Spire. In the Ancient Isles. The truth...
I've asked to set course for Devil's Ridge, nearby. If I'm right, the key to breaching the Shroud has been in front of me all along.
We like to think of ourselves as being the first to find a way of reaching the Sea of Thieves, but that isn't the truth. Not one bit...

Mercia Journal 02.png

Comings and Goings[edit | edit source]

(Northern cannon, Devil's Ridge)

Dialogue icon.png

The First Ones. The Lost Tribes. The Ancients. Whatever you call them, they lived here, in what we now know as the Sea of Thieves.
Signs of their civilisation can be found all over the place, even on islands that were once claimed by the Devil's Shroud.
They built temples, altars -- places that were important to them. They couldn't simply pack up and leave when the fog drew in...
I'll need to cross-reference some of my oldest notes, stashed away back at Thieves' Haven. Our first hideout! How nostalgic.

Mercia Journal 03.png

The Shroud Breaker[edit | edit source]

(Cargo hut, Thieves' Haven)

Dialogue icon.png

It exists! Proof lies in some of the most obscure places (Ramsey won't let me write down where) but the relic's real enough.
As near as I can tell, they used the artefact like a beacon to protect their homes and places of worship from the Shroud's effects.
At other times, it was taken to a vault to recover its powers. When I told Ramsey, he replied "Ah, so it's a shroud breaker, then!"
All of this seems to have inspired him. We're making for Plunder Outpost on Ramsey's orders, to see a man about a map...

Mercia Journal 04.png

The Shores of Gold?[edit | edit source]

(Campfire, Plunder Outpost)

Dialogue icon.png

Well. This escalated quickly. Ramsey remembered the drunken ramblings of some old salt who'd sailed too close to the Devil's Shroud.
The old man claimed he'd glimpsed a glittering island... One where the very ground was made of gems and precious metals.
It sounds impossible, but as Ramsey likes to say, that's just another way of describing something we haven't seen yet.
At first light, we'll be setting out to find that Shroudbreaker. If these Shores of Gold are real, it's the only way we'll reach them.
I should get to my bunk and try for sleep. From now on, Ramsey's voyage journal can tell our story...

Mercia Journal 05.png

Commendations and Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Shroudbreaker (Quest)
Name Requirement Reward
The Lost Voyage Discover Magpie's Wing Ship Log
Vault of the Ancients Discover the Ancient Vault
The Key to Adventure Find the Shroudbreaker Artefact
The Shroudbreaker Complete 'The Shroudbreaker' Pirate Lord Hat
Mercia's Lost Memories Discover all of Mercia's Journals
Footsteps of the Pirate Lord Legendary Commendation: Complete the Tale 5 times
A Sunken Legacy Legendary Commendation: Complete all commendations for 'The Shroudbreaker' Magpie's Wing Cannons