The Reaper’s Hideout

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The Reaper’s Hideout
I12 1.png
Type Island
Location I-12 & J-12

The Reaper's Hideout is a large collection of reefs in the open seas of The Sea of Thieves. The Island was an Uncharted Island for a long time, until the Bilge Rats set up shop with the Masked Stranger, who charted and named the Island with the Festival of Giving Content Update.

Description[edit | edit source]

Previous to being named, The Reaper's Hideout was referred to by some players as Killer Whale Island, as during The Hungering Deep events, players were tasked with discovering the remains of The Killer Whale, Merrick's crashed ship, at these islands. The Crow's nest of the Ship contained one of Merrick's Journals, however with the charting of the Island, the Bilge Rats removed the Mast from the Ship to build a shiny beacon on the Reef. Out of respect, Merrick's Journal and portrait were moved onto the Island instead.

These islands possess a number of non-interactive features, including; an underwater cave which leads from J-12's beach out to Northern coral reefs, a broken tent, underwater Temple Ruins with archways and shrines, the wreck of the Killer Whale, a withered tree with glowing flowers growing out of a grave next to it, and of course, the Hideout of the Reaper's, where the Masked Stranger seems to be in the process of building a Fort. The Masked Stranger accepts Gifts and other types of Treasure from Pirates.

The Reaper's Hideout hides five scattered Drawings by the Masked Stranger, which award a Commendation when investigated.

The Masked Stranger[edit | edit source]

The Masked Stranger who has set up shop at The Reaper's Hideout accepts various Treasure as a part of Bilge Rats

The following Bilge Rats Treasure can be sold to the Masked Stranger:

The following items can be handed to the Masked Stranger for double Gold but no Reputation:

Gallery[edit | edit source]