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This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Read at your own risk!

This is a detailed walkthrough of the The Legendary Storyteller quest. The Legendary Storyteller page describes the quest without spoilers.

The Tale Book[edit | edit source]

Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to the Tasha, they are given the Tale Book, which they can find and take out in the Map Radial menu. Any Tale Book can be viewed with the Primary Use button (Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger). Once taking a closer look at the Tale Book, it's pages can be turned with the Q and E keys on a Keyboard and the Left and Right buttons on a Controller.

The first pages of the Tall Tale book are always the same:

Opening[edit | edit source]

Begin by talking to Tasha at Ancient Spire Outpost. She will tell you the about herself as a girl and how she would listen to the stories of Captain Briggsy. Luckily, she wrote them all down and is willing to give you her hand drawn accounts of the fabled journeys. She will give you a Tall Tale book with some pages to get you started.

If you are seeking all of the commendations, you will need to grab Briggsy's Journals. All of the locations that you could visit on this quest are scattered all over the Sea Of Thieves as are the journals. You may or may not visit a place where (or near) a journal is located. Journal locations will be called out in puzzle locations below so you can grab them while you are there but be sure to visit the Briggsy's Journals section at the bottom of the walkthrough to collect those that you missed before ending the quest.


I hear you ran into Briggsy. About time someone took care of that rotten bag of bones!
She used to drink here, in my tavern! When she was alive, I mean.
I always looked forward to the nights she arrived, all gold and glamour.
I was just a girl then, of course.
She used to tell such stories, all about where she'd been and the adventures she'd had.
I'd write them all down, add pictures, and dream that I was sailing to those places too.
Dad told me not to listen. "No truth ever rolled off a pirate's tongue", he'd say.
But kids have to believe in something, don't they?
You need heroes to help you grow up.
But in the end, I realised two things.
Briggsy was a liar, and she was gone.
Worse than gone! She'd become another rotten skellie lord, plundering and scaring decent folks.
Take my book if you think it'll help.
I just wish there was more to it than a bunch of made-up stories.
...if it does lead you anywhere interesting, come back and tell me about it.
I want some REAL adventures to write about!

The Legendary Storyteller[edit | edit source]

The journal abridges three of Briggsy's adventures across the Sea of Thieves. You will be visiting these three locations to pick up three items , and before continuing to the next phase of the quest. You will be hunting for Briggsy's Chest and the two keys that are required to open it; The Crown Key and The Chalice Key. The possible locations that you will need to visit correspond to the title of stories that are in the Tale Book. Click on the story title below to show the location.

  • Island: Old Salts Atoll

    Title: Baddies Attack

    Dig just under the bow of the broken ship for this item.

    Note: Now would be a good time to grab Briggsy's Journal #3

  • Island: Wanderer's Refuge

    Title: Birthday Party

    On the highest point on the south side of the island is a group of trees. Dig right in the middle of them for this item.

  • Island: Mermaid's Hideaway

    Title: Fish Friends

    You will need to shoot yourself out of a cannon or sword lunge from the nearby cliff for this one. Pull up to the north side of the island and take aim at the rock pillar there off by itself. Luckily, there is group of trees there to take the brunt of your human cannon ball. Once there, dig just on the west side of those trees.

    Note: Now would be a good time to grab Briggsy's Journal #2

  • Island: The Crooked Masts

    Title: Monster Hunting

    You can see the bow of the ship just pointing out of the water near a rock off of the southwest side of the island, dive down to find the item.

  • Island: Thieves' Haven

    Title: Monster Island

    Follow the path that lies southwest of the waterfall that you come to when first ascending the ladder from the shipwreck in the middle part of the island. Dig in front of the three stone heads for this item.

  • Island: Scurvy Isley

    Title: Naughty Man!

    Find the small rock off all by itself on the east side of the island. Dig next to that rock and the patch of grass to uncover the item.

    Note: While you are all the over here, now would be a good time to grab Briggsy's Journal #4 and #5

  • Island: Crook's Hollow

    Title: Rescue Mission

    This is on the south side of the island just west of the bridges. Dig to find the item.

  • Island: Kraken's Fall

    Title: Scary Friends

    This one is on the North side of the Kraken's Fall where one of the Kraken..fell. Hop up on the backen of this Kraken for the item.

  • Island: Lone Cove

    Title: Smallest Boat

    Head down below the island in the cave on the Northwest side of the island. Find this item by digging next to the wrecked rowboat.

  • Island: Uncharted Island (K-9)

    Title: Treasure adventure

    You will be diving right in the middle of the island where shipwreck is. You will need to dive right between the front and back half of the ship to find this item down deep in the rubble of the middle part of the ship. You will need to swim between two decks and way at the back to get it.

  • Island: Plunder Valley

    Title: Windy Wings

    Head over to the west part of the island and look for the water fall. There is a statue of a bird just above that waterfall on the top part of the island. Dig in front of the statue near some bones for the item.

  • My Dream, My Wish[edit | edit source]

    Once you have the three items you can open the chest to find that it contains a Carved Plank that aligns with formations on an unspecified island. Observing the backside of the plank will reveal coordinates of that island. Heading to that island and finding the depicted vista will reveal the location of the Ancient Crown. Once you get close to the spot indicated below you can hold the plank up until the near by scenery matches up to the holes to find your digging spot. Locate the coordinates on the back of your plank and click on them below to show the location.

  • Island: Mermaid's Hideaway

    Standing near the rock on the north-East side of the pond, line the hole in the plank up with the tall stone pillar to the west to see where the crown is buried.

    Note: Now would be a good time to grab Briggsy's Journal #2

  • Island: Discovery Ridge

    This is on the part of the island that points out on the west side. Stand near the camp site by the broken hull and line up the holes in the plank with the shipwreck. The hole with nothing in it is where you will find the crown.

  • Island: Smuggler's Bay

    On the Northwest side of the bay you will find a wrecked rowboat with an open crate next to it. Stand here and line the holes in the plank up with the rowboat and the archway that leads into the bay to find where the crown is buried.

  • Island: Cannon Cove

    Stand at the very northern part of the cove and line up the holes in the plank with the rocks formations. The hole with nothing in it will show you where to dig.

  • Island: Plunder Valley

    Shore up on the west beach and line the hole in the plank up with the bird and other rock formations. The hole in the plan where there is nothing will be your spot to dig.

  • Island: Lone Cove

    You will be looking for a spot South by Southeast of the tall rock in the middle of the island. Stand under a little group of palm trees and line up the holes in the plank with the big and little rocks to find the dig spot.

    Note: Now would be a good time to grab Briggsy's Journal #1

  • Island: Shark Bait Cove

    Head to the big fish statue in the middle of the cove. You will want to stand on the beach just southwest of that statue next to a rock with a cave painting on it. Line the hole in the plank up with the statue. The hole with nothing in it will be where you will dig for the crown.

  • Island: Shipwreck Bay

    There is a little island with a pointy rock just Southwest of the main island. Stand on the inner edge of that island and line the holes in the plank up with the huge rock and shipwreck on the main island to find your digging spot.

  • Island: Marauder's Arch

    You will need to make you way up to the very tippy top of the island on the south side. Facing West, line up the holes in thePlank to the tree and rock formation.

    Note: While you are all the over here, now would be a good time to grab Briggsy's Journal #4 and #5

  • Island: Kraken's Fall

    The image on the plank is easily recognizable as the shipwreck on the West side of Kraken's Fall. Stand on the North side of the wreck and link up the hole in the plank with the wreck.

  • Submit the Ancient Crown to Tasha to finish.


    This crown...
    It's the one from Briggsy's stories! I can't believe it...
    She was... telling the truth, after all.
    It is even more beautiful than I dreamed it would be...
    I guess Briggsy really was a great adventurer before the curse. And you know...
    Maybe it doesn't matter if everything she said was true.
    The dreams she left me were real, and those are what matter most.
    I miss those dreams...
    The world wants us to grow up so fast, but being able to see every day like it's a new adventure...
    we only learn that when we're young...
    I reckon that's something worth holding on to.
    You know what? There are still a few pages left...
    Space enough for me to add stories of my own! This tavern was Dad's dream, not mine.
    I'm going to do it!
    Raise some coin, find a sloop and live my own adventures, just like you and Briggsy.
    I'll clean up the relic you found and pass it onto your mysterious friend.
    Maybe next time we meet, we'll be out there on the Sea of Thieves!

    Briggsy's Journals[edit | edit source]

    Looking at the Commendations of the Tall Tale, you may have noticed one of them requiring the Crew to find all of Briggsy's Journals. These five Journals can only be found and read when the Tall Tale is active and they are only present for the Crew who is doing the Tall Tale. Each of the Journals hints towards the location of the next journal.

    The locations and the contents of the five Journals are presented below. Click Expand under any Journal to see an image of its exact location.


    A funny little rumour...[edit | edit source]

    (North West sea cave, Lone Cove)

    Dialogue icon.png

    Started keeping a diary again. It doesn't beat telling my tales in a busy tavern, but it'll do for now.
    Besides, it's time for another adventure. The yearning's back, deep in my belly. Time to sail again.
    Lucky me, overhearing the girl with the merfolk earrings. A Shroudbreaker? Sounds like fun! If what she said is true, I should take a scout around Mermaid's Hideaway. Just in case...

    Briggsy Journal 01.png

    I know where it is![edit | edit source]

    (North campfire, Mermaid's Hideaway)

    Dialogue icon.png

    As I hoped, the pirate I overheard stashed a map to the Shroudbreaker here. I'm sure she won't mind me borrowing it!
    All those new places beyond the Shroud! I can't wait to make my mark on them, so everyone knows I got there first.
    It's so stormy though... I stashed some vittles in the wreck at Old Salts Atoll, so I'll hole up there for tonight.
    Then tomorrow, I'm off to claim my prize. I just need to work out how to open the vault...

    Briggsy Journal 02.png

    I need to go alone...[edit | edit source]

    (Shipwreck bow, Old Salts Atoll)

    Dialogue icon.png

    This place reeks worse than the drinking den where I tell my stories, but at least it's warm and dry. It'll do!
    I can't wait to see that little girl's face when I tell her Briggsy made it to the Shores of Gold.
    Not sure I can risk bringing Sudds along. He means well, but it's a long voyage and he's not exactly nimble. I hope he'll understand...
    Well, the storm's easing off. Time to snatch myself a Shroudbreaker!

    Briggsy Journal 03.png

    I can't go back...[edit | edit source]

    (The Snake Pit tavern, Dagger Tooth Outpost)

    Dialogue icon.png

    They say you should be careful what you wish for. The greatest voyage of my life, and this is how it ends...
    Boneheads don't attack me now. They just stand and stare, like they're expecting... What? Orders? From me?
    I can feel a darkness in my heart. I want to lash out, like I did to that Naughty Man at Galleon's Grave.
    I'm so, SO glad that girl can't see me like this. I don't want her to hear this story. My last story... I... I don't want her to know I'm a monster...

    Briggsy Journal 04.png

    To Whoever Finds This...[edit | edit source]

    (Bowsprit cage, Galleon's Grave Outpost)

    Dialogue icon.png

    Kareen, my love, I hope you never read this.
    Today I made the worst mistake of my life. I was such an idiot. I recognised her livery on the horizon and thought I'd pick a fight with the famous Briggsy. It wasn't her! Well it was, but cursed! Her flesh mostly rotted away, and so fierce. Like a wild animal.
    She didn't kill me, only threw me in a cage. She said starving my way onto the ferry would teach me a lesson.
    I'm so hungry, and this is so cruel! I don't know what Briggsy is now, Kareen. I just know she isn’t human any more.

    Briggsy Journal 05.png