The Legendary Storyteller

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The Legendary Storyteller
The Legendary Storyteller quest.png
Issuer Tasha
Story arc Shores of Gold
Part 3/9
Tale chronology
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The Cursed Rogue Stars of a Thief

“Shroudbreaker pieces are scattered far and wide ─ could this childhood keepsake mean more?”

The Legendary Storyteller is the third Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold arc. A grown Tasha holds a chronicle of some tall tales once told by Captain Briggsy.

The tale can be acquired from the bar counter of The Unicorn tavern at Ancient Spire Outpost, unlocked after completing The Cursed Rogue.


Opening[edit | edit source]

Voiceover icon.png


I hear you ran into Briggsy. About time someone took care of that rotten bag of bones!
She used to drink here, in my tavern! When she was alive, I mean.
I always looked forward to the nights she arrived, all gold and glamour.
I was just a girl then, of course.
She used to tell such stories, all about where she'd been and the adventures she'd had.
I'd write them all down, add pictures, and dream that I was sailing to those places too.
Dad told me not to listen. "No truth ever rolled off a pirate's tongue", he'd say.
But kids have to believe in something, don't they?
You need heroes to help you grow up.
Nut in the end, I realised two things.
Briggsy was a liar, and she was gone.
Worse than gone! She'd become another rotten skellie lord, plundering and scaring decent folks.
Take my book if you think it'll help.
I just wish there was more to it than a bunch of made-up stories.
...if it does lead you anywhere interesting, come back and tell me about it.
I want some REAL adventures to write about!

The journal abridges three of Briggsy's adventures across the Sea of Thieves. These are hidden locations for Briggsy's chest and the two keys to unlock it.

Smallest Boat
Fish Friends
Treasure Adventure
Baddies Attack
Naughty Man!
Monster Hunting

My Dream, My Wish...[edit | edit source]

The Chest contains a Carved Plank that aligns with formations on an unspecified island. Observing the backside of the plank will reveal Coordinates. Finding the depicted vista will reveal the location of the Ancient Crown.

Mermaid's Hideaway

(See image)

Discovery Ridge

(See image)

Smuggler's Bay

(See image)

Plunder Valley

(See image)

Cannon Cove

(See image)

Lone Cove

(See image)

Marauder's Arch

(See image)

Shipwreck Bay

(See image)

Kraken's Fall

(See image)

Shark Bait Cove

(See image)

Submit the Ancient Crown to Tasha to finish.

Voiceover icon.png


This crown...
It's the one from Briggsy's stories! I can't believe it...
She was... telling the truth, after all.
It is even more beautiful than I dreamed it would be...
I guess Briggsy really was a great adventurer before the curse. And you know...
Maybe it doesn't matter if everything she said was true.
The dreams she left me were real, and those are what matter most.
I miss those dreams...
The world wants us to grow up so fast, but being able to see every day like it's a new adventure...
we only learn that when we're young...
I reckon that's something worth holding on to.
You know what? There are still a few pages left...
Space enough for me to add stories of my own! This tavern was Dad's dream, not mine.
I'm going to do it!
Raise some coin, find a sloop and live my own adventures, just like you and Briggsy.
I'll clean up the relic you found and pass it onto your mysterious friend.
Maybe next time we meet, we'll be out there on the Sea of Thieves!

Briggsy's Journals[edit | edit source]

A funny little rumour...[edit | edit source]

(East sea cave, Lone Cove)

Dialogue icon.png

Started keeping a diary again. It doesn't beat telling my tales in a busy tavern, but it'll do for now.
Besides, it's time for another adventure. The yearning's back, deep in my belly. Time to sail again.
Lucky me, overhearing the girl with the merfolk earrings. A Shroudbreaker? Sounds like fun! If what she said is true, I should take a scout around Mermaid's Hideaway. Just in case...

Briggsy Journal 01.png

I know where it is![edit | edit source]

(North campfire, Mermaid's Hideaway)

Dialogue icon.png

As I hoped, the pirate I overheard stashed a map to the Shroudbreaker here. I'm sure she won't mind me borrowing it!
All those new places beyond the Shroud! I can't wait to make my mark on them, so everyone knows I got there first.
It's so stormy though... I stashed some vittles in the wreck at Old Salts Atoll, so I'll hole up there for tonight.
Then tomorrow, I'm off to claim my prize. I just need to work out how to open the vault...

Briggsy Journal 02.png

I need to go alone...[edit | edit source]

(Shipwreck bow, Old Salts Atoll)

Dialogue icon.png

This place reeks worse than the drinking den where I tell my stories, but at least it's warm and dry. It'll do!
I can't wait to see that little girl's face when I tell her Briggsy made it to the Shores of Gold.
Not sure I can risk bringing Sudds along. He means well, but it's a long voyage and he's not exactly nimble. I hope he'll understand...
Well, the storm's easing off. Time to snatch myself a Shroudbreaker!

Briggsy Journal 03.png

I can't go back...[edit | edit source]

(The Snake Pit tavern, Dagger Tooth Outpost)

Dialogue icon.png

They say you should be careful what you wish for. The greatest voyage of my life, and this is how it ends...
Boneheads don't attack me now. They just stand and stare, like they're expecting... What? Orders? From me?
I can feel a darkness in my heart. I want to lash out, like I did to that Naughty Man at Galleon's Grave.
I'm so, SO glad that girl can't see me like this. I don't want her to hear this story. My last story... I... I don't want her to know I'm a monster...

Briggsy Journal 04.png

To Whoever Finds This...[edit | edit source]

(Bowsprit cage, Galleon's Grave Outpost)

Dialogue icon.png

Kareen, my love, I hope you never read this.
Today I made the worst mistake of my life. I was such an idiot. I recognised her livery on the horizon and thought I'd pick a fight with the famous Briggsy. It wasn't her! Well it was, but cursed! Her flesh mostly rotted away, and so fierce. Like a wild animal.
She didn't kill me, only threw me in a cage. She said starving my way onto the ferry would teach me a lesson.
I'm so hungry, and this is so cruel! I don't know what Briggsy is now, Kareen. I just know she isn’t human any more.

Briggsy Journal 05.png

Commendations[edit | edit source]

The Legendary Storyteller
Name Requirement Reward
The Storied Crown Discover the Crown Key
The Storied Chalice Discover the Chalice Key
Tasha's Dream Discover the treasure of Captain Briggsy
The Legendary Storyteller Complete 'The Legendary Storyteller' Briggsy's Hat
The Lady Behind the Mask Discover all of Briggsy's Journals
Seeker of Stories Legendary Commendation: Complete the Tale 5 times
Sea of Dreams Legendary Commendation: Complete all commendations for 'The Legendary Storyteller' Briggsy's Sails