The Finest Trading Post

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The Finest Trading Post
The Finest Trading Post.png
Type Seapost
Location The Ancient Isles
Map Coordinates F-17

The Finest Trading Post is a Seapost located within The Wilds at coordinate F-17.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

This Seapost is one of 8 in Sea of Thieves.

Hosts 1-3 items at a time, randomly, and at a 10% discount of the original items price.

All Seaposts hold the same set of items until they rotate out items, every 24 minutes.

The ship model on the table behind Rachael is The Allegiant ship made by streamer chocmoojoo for the games first birthday. It is decorated as the Rare Ltd ship.

Gallery[edit | edit source]