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Type NPC
Location The Glorious Sea Dog
Don't forget to carry supplies of food with you all the time. When I've made enough, you'll also be able to take my Grogtails into the Arena as well!
— Tessa, Overheard in the tavern

Tessa is one of the tavernkeepers at The Glorious Sea Dog tavern.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Welcome! I'm Tessa, The Glorious Sea Dog's head of grog research and development.

A nice foaming tankard of your finest grog please, Tessa!

I'm sorry, I think the normal grog is off today.
Perhaps you'd like to try one of my special grogs instead?
I've started mixing things into the grog to add a bit of extra flavour.
I call them grogtails, because they're all named after us Sea Dogs.
Why don't I mix you up a "Hound Dog" or a "salty Mutt's Lick"?

Tell me a bit about how you make your drinks.

There's nothing to it really.
I just put a few things into a tankard and give it a bit of a stir with my finger.
Would you like to try a "Dog's Egg"?
I combine egg shells from Chicken Isle, damp dog hair and leftover grog from tankards at closing time.
After a close fought battle in the Arena it's the perfect refresher!

What's your most popular drink?

That would be the "Old Clawful"!
It's a mix of snake venom, dog claw clippings and grog that's been left outside for two moons.
I've only sold the one, though. To a pirate called Tearle the Pearl.
He keeled over after drinking it, which has made selling any of my other Grogtails a little difficult.
How does buy one, get another free sound?