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DaggerToothOutpost Tavern Teri.png
Location Dagger Tooth Outpost

Summary[edit | edit source]

Teri is a Tavernkeep at The Snake Pit tavern on Dagger Tooth Outpost. Teri, who claims that The Wilds are depressing waters, passes her time by drinking her own stock of grog. If asked, she claims that there is treasure to be found at Devil's Ridge.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • My name isshh...ISSHH TERI and it'sshh g-g-good to sshhee you at T-T-The Sshhnake Pit.
    • What's the latest news in Dagger Tooth outpost, Teri?
      • WHATSSHH W-WHAT? Newsshh y-y-you sshhay?
      • I-I-I've been berry visshhy ...hic... VERY BISSHHY c-c-checking the g-g-grog sshhtock all d-d-day.
      • Needshh t-t-to check itshh...itshh alright l-l-later too...
    • I'm on the hunt for fame and fortune! Know where I can find any?
      • Yesshhh I d-d-do!
      • Yer m-m-me BESSHHT m-m-matey, that y-y-yousshh are, sshho I'll t-t-tell yousshh.
      • On Devilsshh R-R-Ridge, there isshh...ISSHH A TIG BREASSHURE...j-j-jusshht for usshh.
      • Gerrit for usshh will y-y-you?
    • Is there any grog left for your customers?
      • Heh heh heh! Not mucshhh.
      • M-m-maybe a bouple of carrelsssh...
      • It'sshhh t-t-the Wildssh. Sssshho DEPRESSHING.
      • N-N-Need a few shhmoll grogsshh to g-g-get me through t-t-the daysshh.

Hungering Deep[edit | edit source]

Teri has a unique dialogue option as part of the Hungering Deep update. The player will be guided towards Teri after reading Merrick's Journal. She will in turn point the player towards the location of the next part of the journal.

  • Have you had any especially drunken pirates in lately?
    • Mossshtly seen ’merry’ Merrick! That rogue issh the one (hic) p-p-pirate who can match me grog fer grog!
    • Lasht t-t-time we had a party, t’wasshh in that fishy lil cave. Not assh romantic assh he thinkssssh. Underr the golden arch. What a PALAVER!
    • I can’t rememember (hic) where exactly, jussht a lil’ uncharted place wessht o’ Shark Tooth Key- he sshaid there’sh a rock nearby ’looks jussht like hish enemy’.
    • If you wanna know more about (hic) him, I’d loook there.