Tall Tales

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Tall Tales
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Location Worldwide

Tall Tales are campaigns pirates can embark to discover the secrets of the Sea of Thieves.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Campaigns are sectioned into tales in the Quest Book that are separate from voyages, each tale has a distinct plot issued by a variety of NPCs. A player can access any tale they unlocked through progression, allowing the entire crew to join them. The information on where to access each specific Tall Tale is written on the "More Info" page when hovering over individual Tales in the Tall Tales Reputation menu. Most Tall Tales will adjust game balance based on crew size, choosing either smaller or larger islands for you and scaling Boss fights (currently, it is possible to bypass the Boss scaling by having all players but two leave the game and rejoin after the fight starts). Crews have to collect pages and artifacts which can combine to create a tool to progress further into the tale. These items can be stored in Collector's Chests. [1]

Tales have commendations for replaying them, and finding secret journals that only appear during the tale.

The completion of each Tall Tale awards the pirates with +3000 Gold. Tall Tale completion rewards are also shared with Player Alliances, however other ships currently only see a +1500 Gold pop up without a Title Card.

POSSIBLE BUG: Journals must be read twice to register the commendation progress.

Tales[edit | edit source]

Shores of Gold arc
  1. The Shroudbreaker (Quest)
  2. The Cursed Rogue
  3. The Legendary Storyteller
  4. Stars of a Thief
  5. Wild Rose
  6. The Art of the Trickster
  7. The Fate of the Morningstar
  8. Revenge of the Morningstar
  9. Shores of Gold (Quest)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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