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Type NPC
Location Morrow's Peak Outpost

Tad is shopkeeper at the equipment shop on Morrow's Peak Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Hello! Tad here! Purveyor of rare and unusual items! Gold trim? No problem! Exotic ornamentation? That's my game!

Have you got anything special in?

Always! Look at my stock. From compasses to lanterns, I have your basic models right up to those with rare and unusual craftmanship.
I'm always looking for exotic materials here in the Roar that I can use to make items... maybe obsidian? Or ashen paint?
And did you hear the rumour of something called a Box of Wondrous Secrets?
Well, rumours are rumours. But I'm keeping my eyes peeled!

Do you enjoy living in the Roar?

It's a little bit frustrating when I step on a crack and my shoes melt.
Otherwise, I do enjoy it! This is the frontier my friend.
A land of peril and plunder!
I recommend exploring Ruby's Fall. Named after one of the Forsaken Shores Alliance, don't you know!

What's the most unusual item you've seen?

The Ocean Crawler concertina! Made from a giant crab pincer!
That chitin stuff is hard to work with, let me tell you.
But it looks amazing!
Though if you drop it in the sea, it's quite hard to spot again.