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This article contains information that may ruin your enjoyment of discovering the game's secrets for yourself. Read at your own risk!

This is a detailed walkthrough of the Stars of a Thief quest. The Stars of a Thief page describes the quest without spoilers.

The Tale Book[edit | edit source]

Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to the Sudds, they are given the Tale Book, which they can find and take out in the Map Radial menu. Any Tale Book can be viewed with the Primary Use button (Left Mouse Button/Right Trigger). Once taking a closer look at the Tale Book, it's pages can be turned with the Q and E keys on a Keyboard and the Left and Right buttons on a Controller.

Pages 3-10 of the Tall Tale book are always the same:

Opening[edit | edit source]

The tall tale is started by voting on it on Sudd's desk at The North Star Seapost.

In his own special way, Sudds will inform you that he once had a special spyglass like the the one you already found during The Cursed Rogue. That one belonged to Briggsy but this one was his and can show you where you might find the next piece of the Shroudbreaker.

If you are seeking all of the commendations, you will need to grab Sudds' Journals. All of the locations that you could visit on this quest are scattered all over the Sea Of Thieves as are the journals. You may or may not visit a place where (or near) a journal is located. Journal locations will be called out in puzzle locations below so you can grab them while you are there but be sure to visit the Sudds' Journals section at the bottom of the walkthrough to collect those that you missed before ending the quest.


Obliquity of the ecliptic, twenty-three degrees...
So, you had a run-in with the Captain, eh? I know all about it.
The stars whisper to ol' Sudds, they do!
They're his best friends, and they keep their secrets...
Make no mistake! Captain Briggsy was the smartest pirate on the seas and Sudds was the only one she trusted to read the stars...
...the only one to have a spyglass as special as her's!
The Great Warrior should be in appulse with the Serpent soon, I see..
So, now you're seeking the stones, tryin' to part the fog and follow in the Captain's footsteps.
Take these papers Sudds made.
Better find that special spyglass too, eh?
The Captain hid it when she left Sudds behind and now it can't see the stars.
Use it to take a peek at Sudd's friends. If you're worthy of the Captain's treasure, they'll show you where to sail.
Be sure to bring them papers back to me, though. They're not for keepsies!
My dear Queen, all that chromospheric volatility, so unbecoming...
You still here?
Hmm, no correlation with Laniakea...

Stars of a Thief[edit | edit source]

You will be tasked with finding Sudd's Ancient Spyglass. You will then use the Spyglass along with the tall tale book to find two Star Jewels. The Star Jewels will allow you to grab a totem and use that totem to open a vault where you will find the object of your quest.

At the island where Briggsy and Sudds parted ways. Briggsy left an Ancient Chest containing Sudds' Ancient Spyglass that will be required to observe the constellations in the sky. These constellations represent compass directions. You will need these to decipher the clues in the Tall Tale book throughout the journey.

The Spyglass[edit | edit source]

Start off your journey by finding the spyglass that will help you find the rest of what you will need.

Luckily there are only two possible locations for the spyglass and the first page of the Tall Tale book gives a clue to where it is located. Click on the text below that matches with the beginning text in your tall tale book to see the location of the spyglass.

  • Island: Rum Runner Isle

    Dig under the lantern on the North side of the island.

    Note: While you are here, you might want to pick up Sudds' Journal #1

  • Island: Twin Groves

    On the North side of the island, you will need to dig under the palm tree that is between some large rocks on the beach.

  • Inside the Ancient chest, you will find Sudds' Ancient Spyglass. The spyglass needs a bit of an instruction manual but go ahead and take look through it see has some magic after all. Peering through the spyglass and looking up into the heavens will show you the constellations. If you were to look at one of those constellations and then look at your compass you will find that each one corresponds to a compass direction or cardinal (N,E,S,W) intercardinal (NE,NW,SE,SW) and secondary intercardinal (NNE, NNW, ENE, ESE, SSE, SSW, WSW, WNW) if you want to get fancy.

    The spyglass can see the stars in daylight and through storms as well.

    Pages 3-10 of your handy dandy tall tale book names and describes each constellation with some keywords that you will need to decipher the next parts of the journey.

    Tip: You will be picking up two items in this next part of the quest so you might want to bring the ancient chest along for easy portability. This will also make it easier if you happen to find yourself in some unfortunate circumstance that has you abandoning ship and swimming for life to an island hoping against hope to find a rowboat. Not that such a circumstance would ever befall a pirate like yourself but one can never be too careful.

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    The Star Jewels[edit | edit source]

    Pages 11-16 of your tall tale book contain two stories that will lead you to the two Star Jewels that you are looking for. You can either search the text for keywords that match the constellations that in turn match the directions on your compass or you can click on the name of your story below to find the location.

  • You can ignore the first part of the story as it just gives directions to Kraken Watchtower which the story mentions by name. Starting there, head to the island that is in the direction of the feather constellation.

    From that island, head to the previously unmarked island that lies in the direction of the Arrow constellation.

    Once you arrive to the final island, dive down in the southern waters to find the skeleton of the beast mentioned in the story among the coral (take a really, really, deep breath first).

  • Keeping in mind that the Tall Tale book was written some time ago, head to what it referes to as an "unmarked island" but what we know as The Reaper’s Hideout.

    You will dive to a great depth right between the proper island and the very small island on the south side. You will see a ravine and if you follow the that ravine you will find a small cave with the Skeleton of a Kraken just inside. The Star Jewel is inside the smiling face of said skeleton.

  • Start on Crook's Hollow as the story mentions and then head to island in the direction of the Shark constellation. From there head in the direction of the Scarab and you will find yourself on a small island.

    Dig between a group of rocks to uncover the Star Jewel.

  • Mutineer Rock is your destination for this one. Looks for a group of rocks on the south side of the western part of the island. Dig in the middle of those rocks for the Star Jewel.

  • The story gives you the starting island. From there head to the island that lies in the direction of the shown constellation.

    Once on the correct island, you will want to use the spyglass to line the Eagle up with the big rock in in the middle so that it looks like the picture in the story.

  • Head over to Lone Cove and position yourself just southeast of the big rock in the middle of the island. You will dig next to a fence that is beside a wooden entry and an unmarked grave.

    You will know you are in the right spot when you look through Sudd's Spyglass and the Eagle looks like it is perched on top of the rock.

  • The song mentions "One Eye" which you will know from the book as a shark. Head to the island far from Sudds' Sea Post with Shark in the name and dive deep near the shark's daughter inside rigs of sand and water.

  • You destination will be Shark Bait Cove. Head to the walkway that leads to the big shark statue in the middle of the island. If you drop into the water just to the right of the wooden plans you will see the Jewel under an archway below.

  • Start off on Castaway Isle as the picture shows and then head in the direction of the Boar constellation. You can see the little man takes a hop before he get's to his destination so skip one island on the way.

  • Head to Isle of Last Words for this Jewel. Wade off of the western tip of the island and dive down as soon as you can. Swim through some plants and you will see the Jewel on the sandy shelf below.

  • Starting on Crescent Isle, take a short hop over to the petite island in the direction of the Snake constellation.

    Dig on the teeny part on the southeast side of the wee island.

  • Head on over to Rapier Cay. Dig up the small patch of grass on the small lump of sand on the southeast.

  • Start on Discovery Ridge and then head in the direction of the Turtle constellation.

    Search a hidden cave beneath the waterfall.

  • Make your way to Mermaid's Hideaway. Take a swim in the pond to find a cave entrance. Once you enter the cave, take your first left to see the Star Jewel on top of a rock.

  • From Plunder Outpost, head in the direction of the turtle constellation to the large island.

    You will be digging on a beach beneath a "hole in the sky" as the story says.

  • This one leads to Thieves' Haven.

    Dig near the bit of wood and a campfire that is under the rear end of the big shipwreck.

  • Start at Plunder Valley as you can see in the picture. Head to the island in the direction of the Snake constellation and from there head to the large island in the direction of the Shark.

    The Star Jewel is in the waters off of the tip of the island's "Tail"

  • This one is at Discovery Ridge all the way west off of the small chain of islands. Stand on the northwest side of the large rocks and face northwest. Then wade into the water and you will see the Star Jewel just below.

  • An Ancient Awakening[edit | edit source]

    Now that you have two Star Jewels you will want to head to the island indicated in what are currently the last pages of your tall tale book.

    No matter where you obtained the Star Jewels, all roads lead to Uncharted Island (N-13) where you will use them to obtain the Totem Key that you will need to complete the Tall Tale.

    Once you arrive at Uncharted Island (N-13), grab your Star Jewels and take a deep dive just west of the small island with the red flower on it. You will find a cave fronted by stone archway. Enter that cave and you will find a statue. If you followed the previous advice to bring along the ancient chest, you can place the Jewels into the ancient chest so you will just need to make one trip. Otherwise, enjoy the exercise.

    Before placing the Star Jewels into the statue, make sure to grab the extra pages to the Tall Tale book sitting on the statue. Once you are sure you have the pages, place the Jewels into the statue to receive the Totem Key.

    The Totem Key[edit | edit source]

    Now that you have the Totem Key, it's time to open the vault where you will find the last item for the quest.

    You will receive one of six possible Totem Keys. Each one opens a specific vault on different islands. The pictures on the second to last page of your book will show you where to find the island and vault for your Totem Key. Have a seat in your thinking chair and decipher the images or just click on the name of your totem below to reveal it's location.

  • Island: Devil's Ridge

    Amidst rocks on the South East beach.

    Note: While you are here, you might want to pick up Sudds' Journal #4

  • Island: Uncharted Island (N-13)

    This one is located right behind where you got the totem. The pedestal to place the key is just to the left of the crab painting.

  • Island: Crescent Isle

    Inside the Northern side of the Cave system.

    Note: While you are here, you might want to pick up Sudds' Journal #5

  • Island: Crook's Hollow

    This is the Cave below the Waterfall in Crook's Hollow. You can see the Scarab Cave Paintings nearby.

  • Island: Kraken's Fall

    Amidst rocks to the North under the big Arch.

  • Island: Mermaid's Hideaway

    Under the North Western Arch.

  • The Pillar Puzzle[edit | edit source]

    Now that you are inside the vault, stop and catch your breath then read on to the end of this section before starting the puzzle ahead. If you fail this part of the quest by letting the timer run out, you will have to start over from the beginning.

    To begin the puzzle, raise your lantern and light the four braziers on the table and light them up. After this, the room will start filling with water leaving you on a timer and no escape. You will notice that the four pillars will light up with neon-green figures. You can rotate these pillars to switch between the figures.

    The last page of your Tall Tale book will give you two paragraphs. The words of each of these lines match up with the descriptions of the constellations on pages 3-10 of the tall tale book. The constellations will then match up with the symbols on the pillars that need to be facing you. Line one is for the first pillar, line two is for the second and so on. You will do one paragraph at a time.

    Once you are satisfied with the pillar placement, go to the Table and press a button to Enter a Solution. If the solution is correct, the pillars will refresh with new images. If the solution is wrong, they will flash red. Once you have the correct pattern and entered the solution, you will move to the next paragraph in the book and repeat the process.

    Once you are ready, read the paragraphs and get the symbols in your mind (or on paper) and start the puzzle. Or, click on the first words of your final page below to see the solution.

    The Unsolved story?
  • A tear of the sun fell down to land
    And lit the way for man to sail
    Even the warmonger was brought to peace
    He was taught more than war by the iron shell

    The courter danced in new light
    As Glimmer showed man the way
    The oldest creature watched them at play
    As the queen bided her time

  • First Set:

    1. Tear of the Sun = Unending Flame
    2. Sail = Tar-Pitch Boat
    3. Warmonger = Great Warrior
    4. Iron Shell = Iron Scarab

    Second Set:

    1. Courter = Courting Crab
    2. Glimmer = Glimmer Fish
    3. Oldest Creature = Patient Turtle
    4. Queen = Sea Queen
  • An old one raised a spit of land
    And gave it to eternal man
    He was taught to build with tar and tree
    The last of its kind showed him the seas

    The vessel lead man on a journey
    To the one respected by all
    The grump now happy with the season
    And all taught the warmonger to reason

  • First Set:

    1. Old One = Patient Turtle
    2. Eternal Man = Great Warrior
    3. Tar and Tree = Tar-Pitch Boat
    4. Last of its Kind= Glimmer Fish

    Second Set:

    1. Vessel = Tar-Pitch Boat
    2. Respected by All = Bear
    3. The Grump = Boar
    4. Warmonger = Great Warrior
  • Old judge spoke to those who listened
    The last of its kind would guide them
    The iron one would teach them
    And patient one raised them land to sleep on

    Tar covered vessel carried them to land
    Old grump would welcome them in spring
    The queens lover would guard her beaches
    But singer would always put them in peril

  • First Set:

    1. Judge = Bear
    2. Last of its Kind = Glimmer Fish
    3. Iron One = Iron Scarab
    4. Patient One = Patient Turtle

    Second Set:

    1. Vessel = Tar-Pitch Boat
    2. Grump = Boar
    3. Queen's Lover = Crab
    4. Singer = Snake
  • Old Mother was angry
    Her friend had made an everlasting promise
    She protected those who rowed by hand
    Who were sailing out on warmer seas

    Without landing he watched from high
    As the singer whispered deceitfully
    The vessel continued on its way
    Protected by eternal warrior

  • First Set:

    1. Old Mother = Great Kraken
    2. Her Friend = Sea Queen
    3. Rowed by Hand = Tar-Pitch Boat
    4. Warmer Seas = Unending Flame

    Second Set:

    1. Without Landing = Proud Eagle
    2. Singer= Singing Snake
    3. Vessel = Tar-Pitch Boat
    4. Eternal Warrior = Great Warrior
  • The Queen plotted
    Along with the one-eyed spy
    They would kill the teacher
    And his two-legged pupil

    One Eye attacked under cover of night
    But warmonger was ready and won the fight
    He made a weapon of the victims tooth
    And went to hunt a bigger foe

  • First Set:

    1. Queen = Sea Queen
    2. One-Eyed Spy = One-Eye Shark
    3. Teacher = Iron Scarab
    4. Two-Legged Pupil = Great Warrior

    Second Set:

    1. One Eye = One-Eye Shark
    2. Warmonger = Great Warrior
    3. Weapon = Arrow
    4. Bigger Foe = Great Kraken
  • War monger was angry
    The tear of the sun had touched his home
    He sought a proud one's help
    Proud one gave up part of himself

    The part of proud one made a weapon
    Destined for Old Mother's spy
    Teacher warned of needless violence
    But the warmonger did not listen

  • First Set:

    1. Warmonger = Great Warrior
    2. Tear of the Sun = Unending Flame
    3. Proud One = Proud Eagle
    4. Part of Himself = Golden Feather

    Second Set:

    1. Weapon = Arrow
    2. Old Mother’s Spy = One-Eye Shark
    3. Teacher = Iron Scarab
    4. Warmonger = Great Warrior
  • After you have solved both sets of the pillar puzzles, the vault will unlock and reveal the Shroudbreaker Stone.

    Conclusion[edit | edit source]

    Submit the Shroudbreaker Stone to Sudds to finish.


    Now where'd Sudds leave those ephemeris charts...
    Oh, it's you! My spyglass! A fine keepsake.
    I'll pass along along that pretty gem of yours in return.
    Heh, Ol' Sudds won't forget!
    Doesn't want the glowing eyes man angry at him, no no no...
    So many secret stars...
    Declination, twenty-two...
    Need to collimate...

    Sudd's Journals[edit | edit source]


    The North Star Guides You[edit | edit source]

    (Eastern islet, Rum Runner Isle)

    Dialogue icon.png

    Sudds met a young whippersnapper today. Green as leaves, he was. He hadn't even heard of the North Star!
    You don't need no spyglass to find her, Sudds told the lad, she's the biggest and brightest friend and she likes to stay put.
    Spot the North Star and you'll never need a compass again!
    And the boy smiled, and asked Sudds: "What if it's raining?"
    Sudds gave the lad a thick ear. Busy, too busy for foolish questions! Gots to reach ol' Plunder by nightfall...

    Sudds's Journal 01.jpg

    The Little Glimmer Fish[edit | edit source]

    (Highest peak, Plunder Valley)

    Dialogue icon.png

    Brave little Glimmer Fish...
    He used to swim down here in the water with all of his brothers and sisters, shining in the sun. Sometimes it's not wise to shine too brightly...
    Bigger fish came with empty bellies, and their teeth went snicker-snack!
    Soon Glimmer Fish was the only one left to guide the ancient ones on their journey here. One brave little light, all alone...
    The ancients felt sorry for Glimmer Fish and placed him in the heavens where he could swim in safety. Lucky little fishy!
    Now Sudds must swim along too, all the way to the shores named after the sneaky snake...

    Sudds's Journal 02.jpg

    Snake Gets What He Deserves[edit | edit source]

    (Mainland, Snake Island)

    Dialogue icon.png

    Snake has many voices and likes to play tricks. He coiled along a branch and waited until the Great Warrior was near.
    "Help me!" came the Sea Queen's cry, "Won't someone help me, for wicked One-Eye has me by the tail!"
    Warrior heard it all. Warrior ran through the trees, not looking up above his head, and whump! There came Singing Snake to coil around his throat.
    Snake is cunning, but Warrior is strong! He grabbed at Snake and hurled him up into the stars, where he has lived ever since!
    Sudds can't get a good view from here. Needs to sail out to Old Harry's place before daybreak...

    Sudds's Journal 03.jpg

    The War that Shook the Sky[edit | edit source]

    (Northeast rock, Devil's Ridge)

    Dialogue icon.png

    There was once a great battle that shook the whole heavens, and caused great sadness to Sudds's friends above.
    Great Warrior knew that he would have to battle Old Kraken, for she planed to feast on the merfolk and their kin.
    To fletch the arrows he would need, Warrior told Proud Eagle to give up eight of his feathers, or they would go to war.
    Eagle refused, of course, and tore at Warrior with his sharp talons, but it was no use. Warrior fled with his golden prizes!
    He dropped one feather as he fell back to earth, and it's still in the stars! Sudds wants to see it from the moon-shaped isle...

    Sudds's Journal 04.jpg

    The Binding of the Kraken[edit | edit source]

    (Southwest rocks, Crescent Isle)

    Dialogue icon.png

    Great Warrior took his arrows and went to make war with Kraken, but he had lost a feather along the way.
    He thought of Singing Snake and the venom it used to bite, and he tipped each of his arrows with the very same.
    The arrows stung the Old Mother and made her sleepy, so that she sank down to the sea bed. Warrior gave out a great cry.
    The ancients came, then, with their great chains. Together they bound Kraken rightly to the star above, far out of reach.
    The Sea Queen was grateful, for her people were saved, and she promised they would always help those lost at sea.

    Sudds's Journal 05.jpg