Skull Seeker Voyages

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Skull Seeker Voyages
Skull Seeker Voyages.png
Type Mercenary Voyages
Event Fort of the Damned (Content Update)
Duration 16th October, 2019 - November, 2019

Skull Seeker Mercenary Voyages are time-limited Voyages available for purchase from Duke at any Tavern during the Fort of the Damned Event.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Stitcher Jim has warned of the presence of a dangerous new type of Shadow Skeletons ambushing pirates across the seas. While Duke doesn’t know the exact locations of these Shadows of Fate himself, he does know where to find Shadow Captains holding treasure maps leading to these dangerous entities. While these treasure maps also lead to high-value rewards, Duke warns players to collect to the Ritual Skulls they find as they will be needed to take on the Fort of the Damned! Duke will even offer Doubloon rewards to players who don’t want to take on the ominous Fort. Pick up a free Bounty Voyage from Duke for your region and head out to take them down! Pirate Legends are offered a more rewarding Bounty Voyage allowing them to retrieve multiple Ritual Skulls along with other rewards. All Skull Seeker Voyages are time-limited for the duration of the Fort of the Damned update.

New time-limited Mercenary Voyages to help players acquire Ritual Skulls to activate the Fort of the Damned: