Skeleton Lords

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Skeleton Lords
Skeleton Lords.png
Type Encounter
Behaviour Hostile

Skeleton Lords are a type of Skeleton, often found as Boss Encounters in Sea of Thieves.

Story[edit | edit source]

Skeleton Lords are cursed individuals who were formerly human pirates, but for one reason or another became cursed, transforming into their Skeleton Lord forms. Unlike other Skeletons, Skeleton Lords retain most of their memories, their human conscience, and have more autonomous and unique purposes. They can be seen as commanders of lesser Skeletons, innately possessing mastery over them as well as the knowledge of Skeleton Glyphs.

Types of Skeleton Lords[edit | edit source]

Some Skeleton Lords are fought during Boss Encounters, such as in Tall Tales and Raids. Skeleton Lords all have a large health pool (varying depending on Crew size for Tall Tales) and a possess high-damage abilities. They can equip either a Cutlass, Pistol, or Blunderbuss, create a large damaging shockwave that pushes any Pirates back in the air, summon additional Skeletons to aid them, Teleport when surrounded or eat Fruit when low on health.

Boss Encounters[edit | edit source]

Tall Tale Skeleton Lord Encounters:

  • Captain Briggsy: Encountered during The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale. Briggsy was a legendary pirate that sought the Shores of Gold. After finding the island, she became trapped, slowly falling under the skeleton curse. She became infamous across the Sea of Thieves for being a Skeleton Lord, and desperately searched for a cure to the curse.
  • Graymarrow: Encountered during Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale. Graymarrow is a ruthless Skeleton Lord that sought the Shores of Gold, with the power to bind his enemies souls to ensure they cannot return via the Ferry of the Damned. After stealing a Shroudbreaker Stone from the crew of the Morningstar, he laid in hibernation, waiting for clues of the Shroudbreaker to appear.
  • The Gold Hoarder: Encountered during the Shores of Gold (Quest). The pirate known as Rathbone, who was consumed by greed, unwittingly cursed from sitting on an ancient golden throne in a strange cave within the Sea Of Thieves. The Gold Hoarder is a fearsome Skeleton Lord, founder of the Gold Hoarders Trading Company, on an endless quest for plunder, replacing parts of his decaying body with the gold from the Treasures he collects.

Fort of the Damned Skeleton Lord Encounters:

Skeleton Fort Skeleton Lord Encounters:

Other Skeleton Lords[edit | edit source]