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The Skeleton Lords were former human pirates who sailed the Sea of ​​Thieves. Unlike skeletons, Skeleton Lords have a very human conscience, most of their memories, and appear to have more autonomous and unique purposes than ordinary skeletons.

Skeleton Lords can be found as several bosses around the world, most often in the Tall Tales and Cursed Sails campaigns. They can have special abilities and attacks, unlike normal skeletons.

  • Captain Briggsy - Briggsy was a legendary pirate that sought the Shores of Gold. After finding the island, she became trapped, slowing falling under the skeleton curse. She became infamous across the Sea of Thieves for being a Skeleton Lord, and desperately searched for a cure to the curse.
  • Captain Flameheart - was a notorious Pirate Lord, and once a scholar who's writings are compiled in Tales from the Sea of Thieves. He and his crew were marooned after a fierce battle, and found a cursed goblet that turned them into skeletons. His ship was fitted with a cursed cannon that was eventually found by Salty and Wanda.
  • Captain Warsmith - Wanda, the former Weaponsmith shopkeeper at Golden Sands Outpost, was cursed from experimenting on one of Captain Flameheart's cannons. She disliked business with pirates, and resented the outposts rejecting her cursed cannonballs. As Captain Warsmith, she captained the Sandman's Revenge during Cursed Sails.
  • Graymarrow - is ruthless skeleton lord that sought the Shores of Gold, binding his enemies in curses to ensure they cannot return via the Ferry of the Damned. After stealing a Shroudbreaker stone from the crew of the Morningstar, he hibernated to wait for more clues to the Shroudbreaker to appear.
  • The Gold Hoarder - The pirate known as Rathbone was consumed by greed, unwittingly cursed from sitting on a golden throne in a strange cave within the Sea Of Thieves. The Gold Hoarder is a fearsome Skeleton Lord, founder of the Gold Hoarder; roaming the Shores of Gold on an endless quest for plunder, replacing parts of his decaying body with the treasures he collects.