Skeleton Fleet

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Skeleton Fleet
Type World Event

The Skeleton Fleet is one of the three possible World Events in Sea of Thieves Adventure Mode, indicated by a large thundercloud in the shape of a Galleon Ship. An active Skeleton Fleet can appear at any corner of The Sea of Thieves.

The World Event[edit | edit source]

A Skeleton Fleet is an event that can spawn when a Skeleton Fort or Kraken is not active. As with the Skeleton Forts, a Skeleton Fleet is signaled by a dark storm cloud shaped like a galleon. The cloud's size is tied to the proximity of the event, with the cloud getting bigger the closer a player gets. Skeleton Fleets always spawn by the corners of the maps. A Skeleton Fleet cloud disappears after about 30 minutes if no ships sail close enough to start the event.

When a crew gets close to the cloud, the players are signaled with a title card and the skeleton ships arise from the sea. There are 3 waves, each wave contains two ships. Generally, the first wave spawns two Skeleton Sloops, the second at least one Skeleton Galleon and the third and final wave one Skeleton Galleon with a Skeleton Captain. The ship with the Skeleton Captain always drops four Skeleton Captain's Chests and Skeleton Captain's Skulls. When the ships sink, the players need to keep an eye on the general direction of the sinking locations as the ships can still move while sinking. As most of the Skeleton Fleets spawn around larger rock structures in the sea, it is possible that the ships can sail into the rocks and sink themselves, so the players need to keep an eye on their general locations if they don't want to miss the loot. The payoff of the entire event is generally between 15-30k.