Skeleton Captain

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Skeleton Captain
Skeleton Captain.png
Type Skeleton
Behaviour Hostile

Skeleton Captains are Boss Skeletons that either appear solo or with waves of underlings during Bounty Quests on Islands. They also appear as the bosses of Skeleton Fortress raids or mini-bosses of certain Tall Tales. They have higher health than regular Skeletons and can appear as any type of Skeleton. Skeleton Captains are distinguished by their clothing and red nameplates.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Skeleton Captains appear in various situations. They can spawn as any type of Skeleton: Normal, Shadow Skeleton, Plant Skeleton or Gold Skeleton. Skeleton Captains can spawn without a Weapon, with a Cutlass, Flintlock Pistol or Blunderbuss. Skeleton Captains will not spawn with Gunpowder Barrels or an Eye of Reach.

It takes around 17 Cutlass hits or 6-7 Combos to kill one Regular Captain, Shadow or Plant Skeleton Captain. Gold Skeleton Captains are strong against Cutlass hits, but can be easily taken down with firearms or a single Gunpowder Barrel.

Spawn Locations and Rewards[edit | edit source]

Skeleton Captains will almost always drop an Item upon defeat.

Bounty Quest Captains[edit | edit source]

Up to 4 Skeleton Captains can spawn at the same Island during a Bounty Quest. These Captains will drop one of the 4 regular Bounty Skulls: Foul Bounty Skull, Disgraced Bounty Skull, Hateful Bounty Skull, Villainous Bounty Skull. Any Skeleton Captains appearing as a part of Bounty Quests in The Devil's Roar will drop one of the Ashen counterparts of these 4 skulls, which are worth nearly twice as much as their original versions. These Skulls can be sold to the Order of Souls for Gold and Reputation. A Bounty Quest Skeleton Captain is usually preceded by waves of regular Skeletons of any type.

Skeleton Fort Captains[edit | edit source]

The Skeleton Captain at the end of an active Skeleton Fortress will drop a Stronghold Key upon defeat. These Captains are preceded by 10-15 waves of regular Skeletons of any type. This Key can be then used to unlock the locked Fortress Vault that contains around ~20,000 Gold's worth of Treasure.

Emergent Skeleton Captains[edit | edit source]

These Skeleton Captains were added with the 2.0.8 Fort of the Damned (Content Update) Patch to give players a guaranteed way to find a Ritual Skull for the Fort of the Damned (Raid). Emergent Skeleton Captains appear alone, roaming on the shores of Small or Large Islands. While, they have the same amount of health as other Skeleton Captains, the Emergent Captains are unique in that they can switch their weaponry between a Cutlass, Flintlock or Blunderbuss depending on a Player's proximity from them. These Captains can also spawn as any type of Skeleton.

Upon defeat, an Emergent Skeleton Captain will always drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and a Skeleton’s Orders Quest with a small delay. The Quest will provide crews with a Treasure Map that rewards high-value Treasure.

Ashen Guardians and Ashen Key Masters[edit | edit source]

The 2.0.9 Ashen Treasures update saw the addition of two new Emergent Skeleton Captains with a red mist and cinders around them. Both of these Captains act identical to regular Emergent Skeleton Captains. The only difference is in their name and their drops. An Ashen Key Master drops a Villainous Bounty Skull and an Ashen Key, whereas an Ashen Key Master drops a Villainous Bounty Skull and Ashen Guardian's Notes, which lead to a Riddle Map that uncovers an Ashen Chest.

Tall Tale Skeleton Captains[edit | edit source]

These are the various Skeleton Captains encountered during Tall Tales chapters.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Multiple Skeleton Captains can spawn on the same voyage and share the same name.

Gallery[edit | edit source]