Skeleton Captain

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Skeleton Captain
Skeleton Captain.png
Type Skeleton

A Skeleton Captain is a boss-type character that spawns at the end of Fortress raids and Bounty Quests. It has high health, and an intimidating hat.

Killing a Skeleton Captain at a Fortress island drops a Vault Key that players can use to gain access to the Fortress vault, which contains a large amount of loot.

Killing a Skeleton Captain at the conclusion of a bounty quest drops a Bounty Skull, which can be turned in to the Order of Souls for gold.

There are multiple variations of the skulls dropped by the captains. Some are worth more than others. The four main skulls however, can be collected on bounty quests as well as being found during exploration, these four are:

•Foul Bounty Skull

•Disgraced Bounty Skull

•Hateful Bounty Skull

•Villainous Bounty Skull

The other two are acquired in other ways. These two are:

•Skeleton Captain's Skull

•Stronghold Skull

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Multiple Skeleton Captains can spawn on the same voyage and share the same name.