Skeleton’s Orders

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Skeleton’s Orders
Skeleton’s Orders.png
Type Quest
Source Emergent Skeleton Captain

Skeleton's Orders is an interactable Quest Item in Sea of Thieves. These Quests are dropped by various types of Skeleton Bosses. The Quests need to be picked up in order for them to appear at the Map Radial Menu. The most notable source for Skeleton's Orders is from defeated Emergent Skeleton Captains who provide an X-marks-the-spot Treasure Map to the Crew that picks it up. Skeleton's Orders Quests take players to Islands or Forts, uncovering various high-value Treasure Items.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Skeleton's Orders Quest Radial.png

Skeleton's Orders Quests can only be acquired from Skeleton Boss enemies, who drop them after defeat. The Orders have to be picked up by a Crew member for the Quest to appear on the Map Radial Menu. So far, Skeleton's Orders Quests only give X Marks the Spot Maps with different Treasure depending on the source of the Quest.

The most notable source of Skeleton's Orders are Emergent Skeleton Captains who wander around solo on Islands. Emergent Skeleton Captains can spawn as any type of Skeleton Captain and always drop a Villainous Bounty Skull and Skeleton's Orders (with a small delay). These will always be an X-marks-the-spot Map with 1-3 X's. The Quest can lead Crews to any Island, large or small, or Fort in the three original Regions of The Sea of Thieves (even the same Island the Captain was defeated on). Skeleton's Orders have their own little gray "letter" icon on the Map Radial Menu, generally taking precedence over Voyages.

The Skeleton Lord bosses of an active Skeleton Fort also drop a Skeleton's Orders map. This map will reveal two X's on the same Fort, uncovering Gifts.

Emergent Captain Order's Treasure Pool[edit | edit source]

The following Treasure has been documented to be unearthed from the Emergent Skeleton Captain Skeleton's Orders Treasure Maps:

Trivia[edit | edit source]