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Type Creature
A Skeleton from a wave spawned during a Bounty Map quest, signified by its blue bandanna.

Skeletons are the most common enemy type encountered on land. They spawn by rising from the ground.

Skeletons generally spawn 2-3 at a time at random times around a player's position, on land only. Skeletons cannot spawn in water, cannot swim, and cannot enter water beyond their ankles.

They can fire at players using a Pistol, Blunderbuss (rare) or an Sniper Rifle ( more rare), attack with a Cutlass, fight with fists only, or fire at Ships from land-based Cannons. They can eat Bananas to regain health.

Killing a base-level Skeleton generally takes 3 sword strikes, one close-range torso shot from a firearm, or one long-range shot.

  • The health of skeletons generated by Order of Souls maps scales with the level of the voyage that spawned them (with Athena level skeletons taking as many as 9 sword swings to kill!)
  • The number of skeletons generated by Gold Hoarders maps scales with the level of the voyage that spawned them.

Waves[edit | edit source]

Skeletons spawn in waves during Bounty Maps or Fortress raids, and come in a variety of types (listed below). Once several waves are cleared during these Quests, Skeleton Captains appear at the conclusion to serve as the Quest's bosses. They drop either a Bounty Skull (for Bounty Maps) or Vault Key (for Fortress raids), at which point Skeleton waves stop spawning.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Ordinary Skeletons that spawn during a Bounty Map quest or Fortress raid wear unique variously colored bandannas. They function identically to other ordinary Skeletons that spawn randomly on Islands.

Other Skeleton types that spawn during these waves have other unique appearances and characteristics:

  • Gold Skeleton: These slow, lumbering brutes are tough. They have a large amount of health and do moderate damage but if you lure them into the water, they'll begin to rust and become vulnerable. Alternatively, you can use a bucket full of water to splash them and then attack. Swords do less damage and combos are interrupted.
  • Overgrown Skeleton: These Skeletons have a plant-like growth sprouting from their bodies. Be careful not to lure these skeletons into any bodies of water as they will heal while standing/moving through said water. Swords seem to be more effective against these.
  • Shadow Skeleton: Also known as "black skeletons", these skeletons are much more difficult at night but look just like your average skeleton during the day. Shadow skeletons are invulnerable during the nighttime. As light is their weakness, you can either wait for daytime or blind them with a lantern and destroy them with your weapon of choice. They appear to take 33% less damage immediately after they are stunned with the lantern.
  • Skeleton Captain: Elite skeleton with an authority-demanding hat. Much higher health than its lesser allies, appearing at the conclusion of bounty quests and fortress raids. Drops a Bounty Skull during a Bounty Quest, or a Vault Key during a Fortress raid.

* Skeletons with a bandanna are part of a quest or event. *

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