Senior Trader Matilda

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Senior Trader Matilda
MorrowsPeakOutpost MerchantAlliance SeniorTraderMatilda.png
Type NPC
Location Morrow's Peak Outpost
Company Merchant Alliance

Senior Trader Matilda is the Merchant Alliance liaison at Morrow's Peak Outpost.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

I'm Matilda and I represent the Merchant Alliance here in the Roar. I don't hold with cowardly types. Trade must continue!

Does the Merchant Alliance do much trade here?

Absolutely! We're key to the survival of The Devil's Roar.
See, resources are slim here. For this Outpost to work, we need healthy trade with the rest of the Sea of Thieves.
So, the bravest among our number, such as myself, are making this region... not safer, but easier to live in.
We could put a lemonade stand on The Devil's Thirst, or a cannonball stocking station at Scorched Pass...
Let's bring civilization to this wild land!

What can the Merchant Alliance offer me?

We have rewards and gold for those who complete their jobs.
Collect animals for us, or deliver cargo, making sure it doesn't get damaged.
We all want to make money and bring a little peace to the Sea of Thieves!
For example, I've set up a nice deal with Tanya at Plunder Outpost, to stock our local tavern with grog.
I dream of seeing a navy take over the seas, one day. No offense, but we should be relying on pirates.

What is an Emissary? (Post-2.0.14)

Emissaries represent us on the seas. It's like choosing to work exclusively with us, at least for a while.
The rewards are greater, but you also attract attention. Personally, I'm fine with that. Feel free to make a show of strength in our name.
You must not get sunk while displaying our colours! We're trusting you to defend the Merchant Alliance.

Why don't you like cowards? (Pre-2.0.14)

There's a tendency to assume that the Merchants are a soft bunch, since we don't hunt down skeletons.
But an island trip can be dangerous. And carrying cargo with so many underhanded pirates about? Very risky business!
There's no room for wimps in this game, certainly not in The Devil's Roar.
And we in the Alliance are not all pencil-pushers, I assure you.