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Seaposts, similar to Outposts, are small islets, located across the Sea of Thieves.

List of Seaposts[edit | edit source]

Seaposts and their Map coordinates:

Name Grid Region
The Spoils of Plenty Store B-7 The Shores of Plenty
The North Star Seapost H-10 The Shores of Plenty
The Finest Trading Post F-17 The Ancient Isles
Stephen's Spoils L-15 The Ancient Isles
Three Paces East Seapost S-10 The Wilds
The Wild Treasures Store O-4 The Wilds
Brian's Bazaar Y-12 The Devil's Roar
Roaring Traders U-20 The Devil's Roar

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Each seapost has a single NPC with Shops that host 2 to 3 items, for a discount of 10% of the original price. They were introduced in the Forsaken Shores update.
  • The selection of items is completely random and changes over time. They may sell every current customization items in the game that are bought with Gold in Outposts, including Equipment, Weapons and Ship parts.
  • Currently, each cycle appears to happen in a interval of 24 minutes, a day cycle in Sea of Thieves, restarting at 3:00 in game time. Also, the selection of items in each cycle is the same, no matter the Seapost.
  • An NPC from The Hunter's Call will be present on the dock of every seapost throughout the sea of thieves. You may sell fish or meat to them in exchange for Gold, Commendations and Hunter's Call Reputation.