Seafoam Splashtail

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Seafoam Splashtail
Seafoam Splashtail.png
Type Fish
Location Ocean
Time Night

The Seafoam Splashtail is a species of Fish caught in all areas of the Ocean in the night. It is a form of consumable Food Item, and can be cooked at a Stove for better healing effects.


  • Fish of all forms can be cooked at stoves, and health effects scale accordingly.
  • Fish (Raw or cooked) can be turned in to The Hunter's Call Company for a small amount of Gold and experience.

Where to find

  • Seafoam Splashtail can be caught in the Ocean.
  • Seafoam Splashtails require no Bait to catch.
  • Seafoam Splashtails can only be caught at night.


  • Player inventory: 5 Seafoam Splashtails
  • Barrels: 4800 Seafoam Splashtails
  • Rowboat Chest: 320 Seafoam Splashtails

(Fish only stack if of the same type, trophy status, and cooked status.)

In-game description

"A curious little fish which has kept many a pirate from starving at sea."


  • Half-eaten Fish can't be stacked with fully intact fish.

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