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Type Vanity
Location Vanity Chest
What enemies have fallen to your pirate might? Scars earned through campaigns and events such as The Hungering Deep will allow you to tell a story of your pirate's history and adventures. These are not purchasable, they must be earned.

Scars are a group of Vanity Items in Sea of Thieves, which can be equipped at the Vanity Chest. Scars are a purely cosmetic element of the game and add no in-game benefits. All scars are obtainable either by Commendations or via Events.

Scars appear above Makeup, but under Curses, creating a golden appearance when overlapped by the Shores of Gold Curse.

Variants[edit | edit source]

The following are all the Cosmetic Scar variations available in the game:

Name Shop Cost Rep Set In-game description
Bone Crusher Scars Vanity Chest Gold.png
n/a Bone Crusher "This skeleton scar surely has an impressive and wince-inducing story behind it!"
Forsaken Ashes Scars Vanity Chest Gold.png
n/a Forsaken Ashes "Well, that'll teach you to stand too close to nature's indomitable wrath."
Shark Bitemark Scars Merrick Gold.png
n/a The Hungering One "Something big took a bite out of you! Can't have tasted great, because you're still here."