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GalleonsGraveOutpost ShipwrightShop Scarlett.png
Location Galleon's Grave Outpost

Scarlett is an NPC in Sea of Thieves.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Scarlett is the shipwright at Galleon's Grave Outpost. Scarlett is very accident-prone, but always sees the silver lining in every situation.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • 'Allo there! There's nothin' about ships old Scarlett can't 'elp you with. So long as I can see it!
    • How are you today, Scarlett?
      • Thanks fer askin' matey. I'm feelin' pretty good.
      • Countin' myself lucky I am, as I've 'ad a little accident wiv' some nails.
      • One of 'em slipped and stabbed me in the chest. think it might have punctured me lung.
      • Mustn't grumble though, I can still breathe most o' the time.
    • What do you think I should buy for my ship?
      • I reckon one of them figureheads would look lovely up on the front o' yer ship.
      • Watch yer step now, they are right 'eavy. Once dropped one on me left foot no less, broke all me toes.
      • Can't complain though, it missed me right foot.
    • Are you expecting any new stock soon?
      • Funny yer should say that. I went to check wiv' me supplier as I'd 'eard rumours about some new capstans.
      • Went an' tripped on the pier didn't I, smashed a few teeth n' cracked a couple o' me ribs on a rock.
      • Could've been worse though, I didn't break me 'ammer arm.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Shelley, Scarlett had a mast fall on her.
  • The prompt to talk to Scarlett shows her name as "Scarlet", though every other reference to her reads as "Scarlett".
  • Even though Scarlett tells you that a figurehead fell on her left foot, she has a pegleg for her right foot.