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Sailing is accomplished by boarding a ship and adjusting its various components. Sailing primarily requires adjusting Sail length and angle, adjusting the steering wheel direction, and raising and lowering the anchor.

The Crow's Nest can additionally be used to spot land and ships at a distance, and the Cannons are used to battle other ships and enemies.


Sail controls.

Two controls are available to adjust sails: Length and Angle. Each control is located at the ship's edge adjacent to that sail. There are two of each control per sail, one on each side of the ship, so that up to two people can work together to adjust a particular aspect faster.

  • Length determines how much wind will be used, meaning how fast the ship will go. The more a sail is lowered, the more wind it can scoop up and use to move the ship.
  • Angle is used to make sure the sail scoops up wind as efficiently as possible. Sails should be angled so that the wind blows directly into them. Wind direction can be determined by looking up at the white wind streaks traveling over your ship.


The wheel is centered when the gold-trimmed handle is facing directly upward and the wheel can be turned either left or right.

The ship's Helm or Wheel determines its sailing direction. Its gold-trimmed handle signifies the rudder position. When centered, the gold-trimmed handle points directly upward, and the ship will sail straight ahead.


The Anchor can be used to keep the ship stopped at a particular spot, or with some skill it can be used to perform a sharp turn. Raising the anchor takes more time, and can be sped up via multiple crew members working together. Interact with the Anchor crank and walk forward to help raise the anchor.

Lowering the anchor requires only one person holding the interact button for one second.


  • Lowering the Anchor and raising the Sails will usually each cause the same effect, keeping the ship in a stationary position. Lowering the Anchor will stop the ship more quickly, while avoiding use of the Anchor can speed up getwaways, as then it will not need to be raised before setting sail again.
  • Switching off all the Lanterns on your ship can make it harder to spot by other ships who might be looking to attack or hijack your collected items.
  • Using a Spyglass or the scoped Musket will also cause flashes of light that can be seen from a distance and reveal your ship's position to other ships.
  • Sometimes your ship can be blocked by obstacles (land, wooden pontoon, rocks), to enable you to extract it without damages, follow those steps :
  1. Raise the Sails
  2. Set a direction by turning the Helm (left or right)
  3. Raise the Anchor
  4. Now your ship should start to turn, when you have suffissant marge to leave, lower Sails to start moving
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