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The Rowboat is a miniature vessel in Sea of Thieves that can be used by a single player to slowly travel the seas or to make hauling large quantities of Treasure easier. It spawns on Islands, and can be docked aboard the stern of Ships.

Where to Find[edit | edit source]

A Rowboat has a chance to appear on any Islands with the exception of Outposts and Seaposts. Rowboats that spawn on Forts often get stuck in the heavy fortifications and cannot be retrieved as easily.

Any rowboat left behind by a Ship will stay afloat at that spot. Due to this, Rowboats can often be found floating by Outposts, as any Rowboat docked on a Ship whose Crew has left the game after a turn-in will stay afloat.

Harpoon Rowboat[edit | edit source]

A Harpoon Rowboat

As of the 2.0.6 Dark Relics (Event) Update, some Rowboats will spawn with a Harpoon attached above the Lantern on the front, making it possible to pick up Items or floating Barrels, other Players or latch onto and surf behind Ships, Skeleton Ships or even Megalodons.

Rowboat Chest[edit | edit source]

Each Rowboat has a Supply Box below the back seats to contain gathered supplies: stacks of 20 within 16 slots totaling 320 supply items. As of the 2.0.9 Update, Rowboat Chests are stacked with large amounts of Resources making Rowboats a quick and easy source for restocking on supplies.

Rowboat Dock[edit | edit source]

Every ship has a Rowboat Dock at the stern, allowing crews to transport a Rowboat across long distances. In order to Dock a Rowboat, a Player needs to row it behind a Ship until the Dock Rowboat prompt comes up. A Rowboat can be Docked from anywhere close to the stern of the ship, even in water, however it can only be Undocked on the Ship.

The Rowboat Dock on a Sloop is behind the Map Table, on a Brigantine it is behind the Wheel and on the Galleon the Dock is on the Balcony behind the Captain's Quarters.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • The Rowboat is small enough to fit through tight spaces that Ships cannot access, making it an ideal transport vessel for smuggling Treasure.
  • Rowboats are also small enough to be difficult to see on the seas.
  • Any stuck Rowboat can be pushed towards the shoreline.
  • The rowboat has four seats arranged 1:2:1 with the front pilot seat facing backwards.
  • Each Rowboat has a Lantern in the front that can be turned on and off and also equipped with Coloured Lantern Flames.
  • Pets can be placed to perch on a Rowboat.
  • Should the ship be Sunk, the rowboat detaches. Allowing surviving crew members to gather any lost Treasure and Row them to a safer spot.
  • A rowboat can be damaged into an unusable state, disabling all functions, after which it will disappear, dropping any loot placed onto it.

Functions[edit | edit source]

  • Push Rowboat: Rowboats that have been beached can be Pushed with Interact/Disengage. Note that they cannot be pushed further in-land, only towards the sea.
  • Climb onto Rowboat: While swimming, Interact/Disengage will climb the player onto the Rowboat.
  • Dock/Undock Rowboat: While the Rowboat is near an empty stern of a Ship, Secondary Interact will dock the rowboat onto the stern. The boat can be detached the same way.
  • Use Oars: Interact/Disengage puts the pilot of a rowboat sitting the opposite direction of travel. They can use the oars to propel the sides of the boat and finely rotate with side brakes.
    • Left Oar Stroke propels the boat with a left bias.
    • Left Oar Brake brakes the left side of the boat.
    • Right Oar Stroke propels the boat with a right bias.
    • Right Oar Brake brakes the right side of the boat.

Note[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]