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Riddle Map
Riddle Map.png
Type Maps

A Riddle Map is a type of Voyage issued by the Gold Hoarders. Riddle Maps can also be found as a part of an Athena's Fortune Voyage, a Message in a Bottle or a Mysterious Journal Quest.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Once acquired, the Crew can find and equip the Riddle Map from the Map Radial Menu. A Riddle Map always leads players to a Large Island with 1-3 additional riddles that need to be solved to find the location of the Treasure. Only one crew member needs to fulfill an objective, and upon doing so, all members of their crew will have the next clue revealed on their Riddle Map.

Riddles[edit | edit source]

Most Riddle Maps begin with an Island name, and the second clue is revealed when players arrive on that Island. Further clues always lead players to a specific Landmark or Painting on the Island, where they need to perform a specific action to proceed. These actions can either be playing an Instrument, reading the Riddle Map or raising a Lantern near that specific Landmark. The final Riddle of a Riddle Map always leads to a Landmark, where a player needs to determine a Compass direction and then walk a certain number of steps towards it from the Landmark to find the Treasure. Steps can be counted by holding the Compass up close with Secondary Use (Keyboard White Mouse Right.png/360 LT.png) and walking forward step-by-step. Once at the spot, players will need to use their Shovel to dig up the Treasure.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Most every Riddle Quest will uncover a Collector's Chest with Gold and 1-3 pieces of smaller Treasure (mostly Trinkets during Gold Hoarder Maps). Ashen Chest Guardian Riddles lead to Ashen Chests.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Directions to Landmarks are not in reference to the edge of the island, but the center.
  • Players will need to stand still while playing Shanties with their Instruments by the Landmark for the action to count.
  • Before the 2.0.9 update that introduced Treasure and Gold to Collector's Chests, Riddle Maps uncovered a random Treasure Chest instead.