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Resource Crates
Banana Crate.png
Source Merchant Alliance

Resource Crates are portable supply containers that can be acquired from the Merchant Alliance as part of a Trade Good Commission, or found on Islands at random. They are mostly found empty, but can store various Resources and be sold to the Merchant Alliance in exchange for Gold and Reputation when filled with Goods. Any Commissioned Crate is worth 10 times the amount than an Uncommissioned Crate. Commissions can be found as Quests or bought from Merchant Alliance Representatives.

Quests concerning resource crates are only issued from Messages in Bottles, and the merchant can lend only a single provision of empty crates. These Crates can be sold to the Merchant Alliance Representatives when filled. An uncommissioned Resource Crate sells between 600-1100 Gold, a commissioned one between 1400-1900 Gold.

Crate Types[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A full uncommissioned Resource Crate can be sold to any Merchant Alliance Senior Trader for 600-1100 Gold. A full commissioned Resource Crate can be sold for 1400-1900 Gold.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Resource Crates can spawn with any amount of Resources in them (0-50)
  • Trade Good Commissions for Wood Crates seem to be considerably rarer than the other Resource Crates, making the Title that requires 50 of these to be sold on Commission very rare.

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