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Reputation screen

Reputation is a player statistic, representing their effort and dedication towards a certain Company. Each of the five Companies has its own unique Reputation level. Players can increase their Reputation by completing Voyages or Commendations for that company, or by doing the following:

Company How to increase Reputation
Merchant Alliance
Gold Hoarders
Order of Souls
Hunter's Call
Sea Dogs
  • Participating in The Arena and winning matches.

Players can also buy a single level of Reputation from Duke at any Tavern for 30 Bilge Rat Doubloons.

At every 5th Reputation level, one can purchase a Promotion from that Company and increase their company tier. Promotions unlock:

  • A new Title,
  • The ability to buy a new cosmetic Item, and
  • An improved chance of receiving longer, higher-quality Voyages.