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Reputation is a Player Pirate statistic in Sea of Thieves that represents the Player's effort and dedication towards specific Trading Companies. Reputation with specific Companies can be seen through the Reputation Menu under the Pirate Menu.

How to Earn Reputation[edit | edit source]

There are two ways of earning Reputation with a specific Trading Company or Faction: Completing Commendations or leveling up to earn Promotions.

Commendations[edit | edit source]

The main way of earning Reputation with a Trading Company or Faction is by completing achievement-like Commendations for these Companies. Commendations may reward players with Titles, Cosmetics or Currencies. All the different Companies and their Commendations can be found in the Pirate Menu, under the Reputation tab.

Reputation Levels[edit | edit source]

The other way is to gain Reputation with a specific Trading Company is to earn Reputation Experience with a Company. There are currently seven Trading Companies that have Reputation levels with scalable Promotions. These levels are gained through selling Company Representatives company-specific Treasure, completing tasks or Commendations for the Company, lowering high-grade Emissary Flags at the Company Emissary Table or purchasing single Levels via Letters of Recommendation from the Black Market in Taverns.

All Treasure items sold to a Company Representative while sailing as an Emissary for that Company will give Player Crews increased Reputation, with more Reputation given the higher the Crew's Emissary Grade.

After five or ten Reputation levels, Companies offer Promotions for sale, which allow players to access further Company related Titles, Cosmetics or higher level Voyages.

The current maximum Reputation levels are as follows: 75 for Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls, Merchant Alliance and Reaper's Bones; 50 for Sea Dogs and The Hunter's Call; 20 for Athena's Fortune.

Companies and Factions[edit | edit source]

The following Table lists all the current Companies and Factions and how Players can earn Reputation with them.

Company/Faction Introduction Reputation Levels How to gain Reputation
Merchant Alliance Trading Company focused on mercantile Trade. Up to 75
Gold Hoarders Trading Company focused on Treasure and Gold. Up to 75
Order of Souls Trading Company focused on Mystical and Magical items. Up to 75
Reaper's Bones Trading Company focused on Piracy. Up to 75
The Hunter's Call Trading Company focused on hunting Fish and Meat. Up to 50
Sea Dogs Trading Company focused on the Glory of Battle. Up to 50
Athena's Fortune Trading Company that deals with Legendary matters. Up to 20
Tall Tales Faction related to story-focused Quests. No
  • Only through Tall Tale related Commendations
Bilge Rats Faction focused on Adventures and Current Events. No
Creator Crew Faction dedicated to Streamers and other Content Creators. No

Pirate Legend[edit | edit source]

Athena's Fortune is a company that only deals with Pirate Legends. In order to become a Pirate Legend, a Player Pirate has to buy the level 50 Promotion with three Trading Companies. The Mysterious Stranger can then be approached to grant access to Athena's Fortune Hideout.

Notes[edit | edit source]