Reaper’s Bounty

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Reaper’s Bounty
Reaper’s Bounty.png
Type Bilge Rats Treasure
Location Shipwrecks
Company Bilge Rats
Sell to Masked Stranger

The Reaper’s Bounty is one of the Bilge Rats Treasures in Sea of Thieves, a Treasure related to the Bilge Rats.


Where to Find

The Reaper’s Bounty can be found:

The presence of a Reaper's Bounty is marked in two ways:

  • First, the location of an untouched Reaper's Bounty is indicated by a Golden pillars light swirling into the sky that can be seen from anywhere on The Sea of Thieves. The light will disappear as soon as the Reaper's Bounty is first picked up.
  • Second, the location of a Reaper's Bounty is shown on every crews' Ship Map Table, indicated by a circular red Reaper’s Mark icon. This mark will be shown on the map at all times until the chest is turned in. This mark may lead players to a Reaper’s Chest instead, as the two share the same Reaper's Mark.


  • The Reward shown is an estimate of minimum and max value when sold.
The glittering swirling Pillar of Light showing the location of a Reaper's Bounty.
The location of the Reaper's Bounty is indicated by a golden icon on the Map.
  • A Reaper's Bounty gives off a low and ominous sound.
  • Reaper's Bounty have a chance to spawn with Shipwrecks every hour after the Server start time. This is a good indicator of global Barrels respawns as well that replenish their contents every 30 minutes.
  • The beacon indicating the location of a Reaper's Bounty is similar to the Reaper's Chest beacon, with the Bounty's pillar of light appearing gold instead of pink and green.

Commendations and Titles[edit | edit source]

There are currently 3 Commendations related to Reaper's Bounties:

  • Reaper's Tribute of BountyDeliver a Reaper's Bounty to The Reaper's Hideout.
  • Great Reaper's Tribute of BountyDeliver 3 Reaper's Bounties to The Reaper's Hideout.
  • Grand Reaper's Tribute of BountyDeliver 5 Reaper's Bounties to The Reaper's Hideout.

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Patch History[edit | edit source]

  • Spawn chance lessened.
  • Reward reduced from
  • Introduced.