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Maps are found in the Map Wheel. There are 4 kinds of maps: X-Marks-the-Spot Maps, Riddle Maps, Skeleton Bounties, and Trade Good Ledgers. Maps can be obtained from Voyages, Messages in Bottles, Tattered Parchments, and some Journals.

Types of Maps[edit | edit source]

Treasure Maps[edit | edit source]

Treasure Maps, or "X marks the spot" maps, come mainly from Gold Hoarders Voyages, and contain a detailed picture of an Islands with one or more Xs, which mark the locations of buried Treasure Chests. Pirates must use landmarks and cardinal direction to triangulate themselves and the X, and then dig using the Shovel in the appropriate place.

Riddle Maps[edit | edit source]

Riddle Maps come mainly from Gold Hoarders Voyages, and are a series of 2-4 clues that must be solved to find the buried Chest. The first clue gives the name of the Island. The last clue gives a landmark, and guide pirates to the buried chest, typically in form of 'blank number of paces in blank cardinal direction.' The Compass can be used to find cardinal direction and count paces. The middle clues ask pirates to preform a certain action at a certain landmark. The clues in a riddle map always rhyme.

Bounty Maps[edit | edit source]

Bounty Maps come mainly form Order of Souls Voyages. They provide the name and portrait of 1-4 Skeleton Captains, and the name of the Island they are at. Pirates must find the Skeletons, then defeat the waves until all Captains are defeated. Upon death, Captains will drop Bounty Skulls.

Trade Good Ledgers[edit | edit source]

Trade Good Ledgers are mainly acquired from the Merchant Alliance and provide a list of Animals, Gunpowder Barrels, and/or Supply Crates that must be delivered to a certain Outpost before a certain time. The appropriate number of Cages for Animals and empty Supply Crates can be provided by any merchant. Animal locations can be found on the Animal Locations page. Gunpowder Barrels can be found on Islands at random, but are best found on Fortresses. Supply Crates have meager rewards, and are not worth delivering or selling.

Cargo Runs[edit | edit source]

Cargo Runs are mainly acquired from the Merchant Alliance and provide a note which informs players who's waiting with Cargo at a certain Outpost or Seapost. This cargo must picked up and deliverd to a certain Outpost or Seapost in time.