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Player Alliance is a mechanic in Sea of Thieves that allows multiple ships to work together and share their loot.

Establishment[edit | edit source]

To form an Alliance, a ship must first raise the "Offer Alliance" pennant Flag in the Flag Box. This flag can be recognized by its triangular shape and white and red colour scheme. Only one ship needs to sail the "Offer Alliance" Pennant. After this, any ship in the vicinity of the Alliance Pennant can create an Alliance at their Flag Box. The game will assign a name and flag to the Alliance and players from both ships will see a banner on their screens notifying them that an Alliance has been created, or that a new ship has joined the existing alliance. There is also an option in the flag box to leave the Alliance.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, due to server size, up to 6 ships can be part of a single Alliance.
  • When a crew sells treasure or earns gold in any way, that crew will get 100% of their rewards, while other crews in the Alliance will each receive 50% of the gold value.
  • Ships in an alliance are visible to each other on their Map Table.
  • Alliance members can place voyages on the voting table for other ships in their alliance.
  • Alliance members can also solve Riddle Maps and dig up the treasure on a Treasure Map for other crews in the Alliance.
  • Nameplates of players do not change, meaning there is no visible denotation between alliance and random players.
  • Alliance crews can still kill, sink and steal from each other.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

You can join in an alliance with a ship that's already sunk. Essentially, if the Alliance pennant is still visible above the water and you are in range to join the alliance, you can do it!

Alliance Pennant Colours & Names[edit | edit source]

The possible known colours for player alliances are Purple, Grey, Green, Red and Yellow, with the Create Alliance pennant being red and white with a Red heart in the middle.

The current known names for Alliances are: The Renowned Scoundrels Alliance, The Unstoppable Skinflints, The Terrifying Powder Monkeys Alliance, The Spirited Landlubbers Alliance, The Fearless Soap-Dodgers Alliance. It is unknown whether alliance flag colours are tied to the names of the alliance. So far it seems random.

Commendations[edit | edit source]

Various Bilge Rat Adventures Commendations are tied to accomplishments achieved in Player Alliances:

Festival of the Damned

  • Alliance of the Damned -> Be in an alliance with all ship lanterns ignited in the same colour.

Forsaken Shores

  • Fleet Cargo Runner -> Deliver 3 pieces of cargo on time and in prime condition (while in an alliance)

The Cursed Crews

  • The Cursed Crews -> Complete 1 voyage as a crew flying the Reaper's Mark while in an Alliance.

Cursed Sails

  • United Scourge of Skeleton Ships -> Defeat 25 Skeleton Ships whilst in an Alliance.

Skeleton Thrones

  • Rest in the Cove's Secret Throne -> Find and sit in the Skeleton Throne at Cannon Cove with another Crew.
  • Plunder the Secret Throne -> Find and sit in the Skeleton Throne at Plunder Outpost with another Crew.
  • Sit in the Throne Amongst the Wreckage -> Find and sit in the Skeleton Throne at Shipwreck Bay with another Crew.
  • Smuggle into the Throne Close to the Bay -> Find and sit in the Skeleton Throne on the Sea Rock near Smuggler's Bay with another Crew.
  • Maraud in the Throne Found up High -> Find and sit in the Skeleton Throne at Marauder's Arch with another Crew.

Gallery[edit | edit source]