Pirate Lord

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Pirate Lord
Pirate Lord.png
Location Athena's Fortune Hideout
“His skill with blades of all kinds was exemplary, his cunning unparalleled and his knowledge of the workings of the world could not be matched by anyone who dared to cross him.”
— Captain Flameheart, Tales from the Sea of Thieves

The Pirate Lord is an NPC in Sea of Thieves. He is one of the first pirates to discover the Sea of Thieves, and considered the most renowned pirate in skill and notoriety. He is found in the captain's cabin of the shipwreck in the Athena's Fortune Hideout, distributing Athena's Fortune Voyages.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Ramsey Singh is one of the first pirates to plunder the Sea of Thieves. Realizing that incoming pirates would be subject to the curses in the lands' treasures, he created protective chests from the chains of the Old Mother. For a time, he solely possessed the required skeleton keys to open chests.

He remains in the Sea of Thieves as a ghost aboard Athena's Fortune, along with what's left of his crew.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Dialogue icon.png

Avast there! You are speaking with the Pirate Lord, master of the seas and known to all!

Pirate Lord? Can't say I've heard of you. What's your story?

Never heard of me? Impossible!
Everyone knows that me and my trusty crew were the first legends within the Sea of Thieves!
We thieved all the best treasures, plundered all the richest prizes! I'm surprised there's anything left!
It all came to an end when some of my hearties turned into those foul Skeletons, but I'm trying to forget about that...

As Pirate Lord, what do you actually do around here?

I keep a watchful eye on the seas to ensure good honest pirating is upheld.
I'm also launching my "Like The Pirate Lord' business, giving lucky pirates everywhere the chance to be like me.
There's a jolly range of clothing, a recipe cookbook and a selection of grog scented candles.
I'm even thinking of recording some shanties with those scurvy Skullduggers.
Can I interest you in a franchise opportunity?

Have you got a real name, Mr. Pirate Lord?

No, certainly not. NEVER had one, NEVER WILL!
Which dirty rat told you I had a real name? WHO?
I've ALWAYS been the Pirate Lord. ALWAYS WILL BE!
ANYONE that tells you differently will suffer my lordly wrath!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Singh comes from Sanskrit Sinha, meaning "lion". Ramsey's peg-leg is shaped in a lion's foot.
  • There are three daggers stuck in his back for eternity, one for each of his original crew, Shan, Mercia, and Rathbone (The Gold Hoarder).