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Type Creature
Behaviour Non-Hostile
Location Various Islands

Pigs are passive Creatures in Sea of Thieves. They can be found on Islands, and caught in pig crates. They are sometimes requested by the Merchant Alliance. Once captured, they must be constantly fed Fruit. When hungry, they will cry loudly and sit down in their crate. They can still be moved and even sold while crying. If left without food for long enough, they will die from starvation and despawn.

As of the Anniversary Update, pigs can be killed for pork, which can be cooked and eaten for a health regeneration boost or sold to The Hunter's Call. Note that raw meat cannot be sold, will provide only a small health boost of 5% and will cause the player to vomit. Like all meat, Pork can be eaten twice.

Types of Pigs[edit | edit source]

  • Pink Pig:
  • Pink and Black spotted Pig:
  • Black Coated Pig:
  • Gold Striped Pig:

A pig is worth 10x more when commissioned.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Pig Meat[edit | edit source]

When a pig is killed it drops Pork, which can be cooked and sold to The Hunter's Call.

Prices[edit | edit source]

  • Raw Pork cannot be sold
  • Under-cooked:
  • Cooked:
  • Burnt:

A piece of burnt animal meat is the smallest reward in the entire game!