Parrots Aplenty Bundle

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Parrots Aplenty Bundle
Parrots Aplenty Bundle.jpg
Type Bundle
Shop Emporium
Cost 1249 AncientCoin.png
For a bargain price, own there charming parrots and three proudly presented Admiral outfits!

The Parrots Aplenty Bundle is a Bundle on the Pirate Emporium in Sea of Thieves, which allows players to purchase a Parrot of each type with an Admiral Pet Outfit for each of them. The bundle offers a near 1000 Ancient Coin discount over the individual items.

Parrots Aplenty Bundle[edit | edit source]

Parrots Aplenty Bundle
Bundle Cost: 1249 AncientCoin.png
Item Cost Description
Crimson Macaw 499 AncientCoin.png Call this parrot 'pretty polly' if you want, but it's very proud and its beak is very sharp...
Macaw Admiral Outfit 249 AncientCoin.png Put your Macaw in this outfit and it'll look twice as bossy as usual.
Sun Kissed Parakeet 499 AncientCoin.png This parrot is one of nature's showoffs, known for its cheeky attitude.
Parakeet Admiral Outfit 249 AncientCoin.png No longer will your Parakeet be insufficiently floral.
Cloudy Sky Cockatoo 499 AncientCoin.png Cockatoos use their colourful crests to attract pirates - especially pirates with food.
Cockatoo Admiral Outfit 249 AncientCoin.png With this Admiral outfit, your Cockatoo will look more shipshape than half of your crew.