Paradise Garden Ship Bundle

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Paradise Garden Ship Bundle
Paradise Garden Ship Bundle.png
Type Bundle
Shop Emporium
Cost 2499 AncientCoin.png
Fans of Viva Piñata can brighten the seas with this themed bundle, excluding Collector's items.

The Paradise Garden Ship Bundle is the sixth Pirate Emporium exclusive Ship Cosmetic Bundle themed around Rare’s video game Viva Piñata. The bundle consists of all the regular Paradise Garden Set items for the Ship. All the items in the Bundle can be purchased individually. Their individual prices together amount to 2943 Ancient Coins, meaning that the whole Bundle will save a Player 450 Ancient Coins.

Paradise Garden Ship Bundle[edit | edit source]

Paradise Garden Ship Bundle
Bundle Cost: 2499 AncientCoin.png
Item Cost Description
Paradise Garden Figurehead 599 AncientCoin.png A shipwright's impression of the majestic creatures that roam a mythical paradise island.
Paradise Garden Sails 599 AncientCoin.png Nobody will miss your ship with sails like this! Do you feel the urge to party?
Paradise Garden Hull 349 AncientCoin.png Pirate fables tell of a distant paradise inhabited by candy-filled creatures. Pirates drink a lot.
Paradise Garden Wheel 349 AncientCoin.png A wheel inspired by the legend of Paradise Garden. May it steer you to trouble-free times!
Paradise Garden Cannons 349 AncientCoin.png These cannons are almost too much fun to sink ships with! If only they could launch candy.
Paradise Garden Capstan 349 AncientCoin.png May your ship be blessed by the aura of this legendary, cute and slightly scary bush beastie.
Paradise Garden Flag 349 AncientCoin.png This flag may give people the impression that you're a fun-loving party pirate. Own it.